Looking for Unix Development Environment

Tue, 22 Mar 1994 21:38:34 GMT

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From: albig@psp.att.com
Keywords: tools, question
Organization: AT&T
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 1994 21:38:34 GMT


I am looking for a C, C++ development environment (Compilers, Linkers,
Debuggers, Run Time Error Checkers, Class Libraries, Browsers, etc., etc.)
to develop network and database applicaitons in a platform independent UNIX

I would like to purchase my development tools from the same vendor so that
I can get a better quality of support. So I need to know of Vendors
that support many UNIX hardware platforms.

In particular, the tool vendor would ideally need to support the
following hardware and operating systems: (Listed in no particular order)

Hp 9000/700 series running HP/UX 8.07 and higher
Dec OSF/1 v 1.1 and higher (this is the Dec Alpha machine)
Sun running SunO3 v4.1.1 and higher
Sun using Solaris v2.3

These are some of the vendors that I am have heard about:

                CodeCenter by Centerline Software
                GNU C Compiler by Cygnus Support
                Hi-C by Metaware

                Object Center by Centerline Software
                GNU C++ Compiler Cygnus Support

Code Analysis tools
                Source Code Analysus Tools by Abraxas

Code Generators -- especially GUI Code Generators
                FourGen CASE SCREEN by FourGen Software Technologies

Runtime Debuggers
                Code Watch from Liant Software
                XRAY by Microtec Research

Runtime Error Checkers
                Insight from Parasoft
                Purify from Pure Software

Integrated Development Environments:
                CodeCenter by Centerline Software
                C & C++ Developement Environment by IDE
                Energize Programming System by Lucid
                XRAY MasterWorks by Microtec Research

If you know of any specifics on the products or vendors that I have listed,
or others that you feel are good, I would like to hear about them.
Please reply by E-Mail only since I do not have access to USENET.

Thank you in advance
Carl Palmer

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