Workshop on High Performance Computing (Brazil, Mar 28-30) (Luiz A. DeRose)
Tue, 22 Mar 1994 21:11:24 GMT

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Workshop on High Performance Computing (Brazil, Mar 28-30) (1994-03-22)
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From: (Luiz A. DeRose)
Keywords: conference, parallel
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 1994 21:11:24 GMT

                                "COMPILERS AND TOOLS FOR PARALLEL PROCESSING"

                                          SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, MARCH 28-30


IEEE - Computer Society, South Brazil Section
IEEE - Circuits&Systems Society, South Brazil Section
SBMICRO - Brazilian Microelectronics Society
USP - University of Sao Paulo

Co-sponsored by:

FINEP - Research and Projects Financing Agency
FIESP - Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo


In order to exploit the extraordinary power of the new generation of
massively parallel machines, there is a great need for new parallelizing
compilers, programming tools, programming languages and algorithms. The
goal of HPF-94 is to evaluate the state of art in compilers and
programming tools for parallel machines and to be a forum for discussing
research projects and commercial products. The scope of the workshop
includes, but is not limited to:

-Scheduling techniques
-Program restructuring
-Parallel software development environments
-Compiling techniques
-Programming languages

The workshop will consist of tutorials, technical sessions and invited
keynote speakers. Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts and
full papers on research results and status of research projects.



                T1: Parallel Programming Languages: an Overview
                        Luiz De Rose (CSRD/UIUC - USA) &
                Dr. Liria Matsumoto Sato (LSI/EPUSP - BR)

                T2: Compiler Techniques for Parallel Computing
                Dr. David Padua (CSRD/UIUC - USA)

                T3: Parallel Processing: A Research Perspective
                Dr. Isaac Scherson (UCI - USA)

                T4: Autoscheduling and the Exploitation of Parallelism
                        Jose Eduardo Moreira (CSRD/UIUC - USA) (LSI/EPUSP - BR) &
                Dr. Constantine Polychronopoulos (CSRD/UIUC - USA)

                T5: Smart Parallelizing Compilers: Automatic Parallelization and
                        Adaptive Runtime Parallelism Management
                Dr. Constantine Polychronopoulos (CSRD/UIUC - USA)

                Keynote Speakers:

                Dr. David Padua (CSRD/UIUC - USA)
                Dr. John Cocke (IBM - USA)
                Dr. Isaac Scherson (UCI - USA)
                Dr. Kent Koeninger (Cray - USA)
                Dr. Nobuhiko Koike (NEC - JP)

                Panel: High Performance Computing in the 90's:
                              The Impact in Science, Technology, and
                              Business Development.

                              Cray Research
                              NEC Corporation
                              Silicon Graphics

                Hour 03/28 03/29 03/30
                  8:00 Registration
                                Opening Session
                  9:00 T1 T2 T5 Tech Session
                10:00 T1 T2 T5 Tech Session
                11:00 T1 T2 Lecture 2 Lecture 3
                14:00 Lecture 1 Panel Lecture 4
                15:00 T3 T4 Panel Tech Session
                16:00 T3 T4 Panel Tech Session
                17:00 T3 T4 Panel Tech Session
                18:00 Closing Session
                19:00 Recept.Dinner

General Chair:

Dr. Joao A. Zuffo (LSI-USP, Brazil)

Program Co-chairs:

Dr. Constantine Polychronopoulos (CSRD-UIUC, USA)
Dr. David Padua (CSRD-UIUC, USA)
Dr. Liria M. Sato (LSI-USP, Brazil)

Program Committee:

Dr. Siang W. Song (USP, Brazil)
Dr. Jairo Paneta (IEAv, Brazil)
Dr. Geraldo Lino de Campos (USP, Brazil)
Dr. Virgilio de Almeida (UFMG, Brazil)
Dr. Philipe Navaux (UFRGS, Brazil)
Dr. Claudio Amorim (UFRJ,Brazil)
Dr. Vazken Apkar Proudian (IBM do Brasil)
Dr. Kent Koeninger (CRAY, USA)
Dr. Nobuhiko Koike (NEC, JP)

Organizing Chair:

Sergio Takeo Kofuji (LSI-USP, Brazil)

Organizing Committee:

Casimiro A. Barreto (LSI-USP, Brazil)
Celso G. Hummel (LSI-USP, Brazil)
Edson T. Midorikawa (LSI-USP, Brazil)
Marcelo K. Zuffo (LSI-USP, Brazil)
Roseli D. Lopes (LSI-USP, Brazil)
Volnys B. Bernal (LSI-USP, Brazil)
Jose E. Moreira (CSRD-UIUC, USA)


Jose E. Moreira - CSRD-UIUC, USA. Phone: (217) 244-0049
Liria M. Sato - LSI-USP, Brazil. Phone:(55 11) 211-4574
Phone: +55-11-818-5270
Fax: +55-11-211-4574

Workshop Site:

                THE WHPC'94 will be held in Sao Paulo, at the:

                Grand Hotel Ca'd'Oro
                Rua Augusta 129
                01305-900 - Sao Paulo - SP
                Phone: +55-11-256-8011
                Fax: +55-11-231-0359


                Grand Hotel Ca'd'Oro (*****)
                Workshop site
                Rua Augusta 129
                CEP 01305-900 Sao Paulo SP Brazil
                Phone: +55-11-256-8011
                Fax: +55-11-231-0359
                Single: US$100.00
                Double: US$115.00

                Lorena Flat (2km away)
                Av Reboucas 955
                CEP 05401-100 Sao Paulo SP Brazil
                Phone: +55-11-851-0033
                Fax: +55-11-883-3438
                Single: US$35.00 (special price)
                Double: US$55.00 (special price)
                To get this Lorena Flat special price contact
                directly WHPC coordination in Brazil for


                Foreign people reach Sao Paulo through International Airport of
                Guarulhos, which is about 40min away Sao Paulo Center by special
                airport bus (about US$6.00).

Official Travel Agency:

                For additional information about hotels or air tickets contact:

                Lima Tur
                Av Sao Luiz 187, 1 piso, loja 23
                CEP 01046-001 Sao Paulo SP Brazil
                Phone: +55-11-259-6122
                Fax: +55-11-255-4309

Important: Entry Visa
                Please do not forget to check with the Brazilian Consulate
                if you need a visa.


                Early registration for the workshop must be received by March 19,
                1994. Prices include participation in the tutorials, lectures
                panel, technical sessions, and reception dinner. The tutorial
                book will be available for sale at the workshop desk.

                No credit cards are accepted. Payment may be done through check
                payable to Escola Politecnica da USP - LSI - WHPC94.

                Advance Registration:

                                IEEE MEMBERS: US$50,00
                                NON IEEE MEMBERS: US$75,00
                                STUDENTS: US$30,00

                Late Registration:

                                IEEE MEMBERS: US$60,00
                                NON IEEE MEMBERS: US$90,00
                                STUDENTS: US$36,00

Application Form:
-------------------------(cut here)-----------------------------------------
Surname:______________________________________ Name:________________________



City:______________________________ State/Country: _________________________


Telephone:_________________________ Fax:______________________


IEEE MEMBERSHIP NUMBER:_______________________________________

Total Enclosed: US$______,__

Please, return this registration form and fee to:

                Laboratorio de Sistemas Integraveis - PEE - EPUSP
                Ac: Liria M. Sato
                Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, trav.3, 158
                05508-900 - Sao Paulo - SP

---------------------------(cut here)-------------------------------------

About Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo is the economic heart of Brazil with more than 12 million
inhabitants. It is a modern city that gives to the visitors all facilities
concerning transportation communication, accommodation and health care. It
is also a city of contrasts, such as many South American big cities.

Sao Paulo is about 400km from Rio de Janeiro and about one hour by car
from the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature (in March) varies between 14 and
30C (58-86F).

Concerning touristic places, Sao Paulo has lots of parks, museums,
theaters, show houses, night clubs, restaurants, pubs and it is also near
to some historic cities, forest reserves and nice beaches.

The language spoken is Portuguese, but it is easy to communicate in
Spanish, Italian, French and English.

On March 27th, there will be the Formula One GP Brazil at Interlagos. Due
to F1 race we advise attendants to make hotel reservations well in advance.

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