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Tue, 8 Mar 1994 15:38:03 GMT

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From: (core)
Keywords: tools
Organization: Clark Internet Services, Inc., Ellicott City, MD USA
References: <> 94-03-031
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 15:38:03 GMT (Rusty Carruth) writes:

>We need information regarding code generation metrics, e.g. the famous
>8lines/day rule of thumb (that should start a flame war ;-), cocomo (sp?)
>model, etc.


I work for a company called McCabe & Associates. We write Case tools that
include Static and Instrumentation Analysis Metrics for OO and
conventional programms. Some examples of static analysis metrics are S 0/
S 1, Module Metrics (aka McCabe Metrics) v(G) ev(G) iv(G) pv(G), Branch
Count, and the Halstead Metrics. Some Instrumentation Analysis are Branch
Coverage, Testing Summary, Code Coverage, Program Tested Metrics.

We also include a Battlemap tool that will give you a "birds-eye" view of
your system. It will show you a structure chat with each module (aka
function or procedure) in a box with lines (calls) connecting them. You
can then zoom in on a module and get a Flow Graph or Annotated Source Code
listing that will contain the metrics for that module.

I'll happily field any metrics questions. If you want more information on
the tool (cool glossy flyers etc) please contact our marketing dept. at
1-800-638-6316 or US Mail

McCabe & Associates
5501 Twin Knolls Rd. Suite 111
Columbia, MD 21042


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