New version of Bigloo Scheme system (Manuel Serrano)
Wed, 2 Mar 1994 13:31:08 GMT

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New version of Bigloo Scheme system (1994-03-02)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Manuel Serrano)
Keywords: Scheme, available, FTP
Organization: INRIA * Rocquencourt BP 105 * F-78153 LE CHESNAY CEDEX* France
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 1994 13:31:08 GMT

Bigloo (v1.6) ,--^,
a `Scheme' compiler _ ___/ /|/
Wed Mar 2 00:09:01 MET 1994 ,;'( )__, ) '
Manuel Serrano ;; // L__.
email: ' \ / ' ^ ^

The new release (1.6) of Bigloo, a Scheme compiler and interpreter,
is now available by ftp at the address

          [] `'

This new release was successfully compiled on:

- SPARC (1, 2, 10) under Bsd and Solaris 2.xx
- SONY-NEWS (mips r3000)
- IRIS indigo (mips r3000)
- SUN 3/60
- DEC Station 3100 (mips r3000)
- HP-PA (730)
- PC-linux (i486)

Major changes from the release 1.5 are:

- An `extension package system' has been added to Bigloo. It
                    offers a convenient way to extend the language compiled by Bigloo.
                    Announces for the first two packages follow in subsequent mails.

- Full foreign interface: It is now possible to declare any C
                    type and use it in any C function or C variable
                    declaration. The foreign interface call protocol is the same
                    as C (that means call by value, even for structures).

- Addition of a new kind of output-port: the `output-string-port'.

- Rgc, the lexical analyzer is now available both under the
                    interpreter and the compiler.

- Identifiers now support 8 bits characters.

- For compatibility reasons, the functions `rational?' and
`complex?' have been added to the library (they always return #f).

- The function `string->number' has been added to the library.

- The `getenv' library function now returns `#f' if no variable
                    is bound under the name given as argument.

- Structure definitions now build another function which allows
                    after the instance allocation, the initialization of each slot
                    with a specific value.

- The `.bigloorc' syntax has changed, it is now a regular
                    Scheme file.

- Linking is now much more easy since it is possible to
                    invoke Bigloo on `.o' files.

- The library has been extended with some useful functions such
                    as (obj->string and string->obj) which convert any Scheme
                    object (even a circular one) to strings and conversely.

--Manuel Serrano--
  Manuel SERRANO (equipe ICSLA, Bat 8)
  INRIA-Rocquencourt, BP 105, 78153
  Le Chesnay CEDEX, FRANCE
  tel: (work) 39-63-57-32


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