Coco/R available by ftp

Pat Terry <>
Thu, 23 Dec 1993 19:16:19 GMT

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Coco/R available by ftp (Pat Terry) (1993-12-23)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Pat Terry <>
Keywords: tools, available, FTP, modula, Oberon
Organization: Rhodes University
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 19:16:19 GMT

This note announces the wider availability of Coco/R, which is now
available by ftp from a variety of sites.


Coco/R generates recursive descent parsers and their associated scanners
from attributed grammars.

Coco/R was originally written in Oberon by Hanspeter Moessenboeck. It was
then ported into Modula-2. The Modula-2 versions for MS-DOS are now
maintained by Pat Terry, and are known to be immediately usable with any
of the TopSpeed (JPI) compilers; the Fitted Software Tools (FST)
compilers, version 2 and 3; the StonyBrook QuickMod 2.2 compiler; and the
Logitech compiler, version 3.03.

Full source code for Coco/R compatible with these compilers is supplied.
It is hoped that this will be trivially portable to other Modula-2
compilers presently available, save for the I/O module used by Coco/R and
its generated parsers; code for the I/O module for the compilers listed
above is, naturally, supplied.

Coco/R has also been ported to Gardens Point Modula-2 by John Gough.
(Gardens Point Modula-2 is available for a wide variety of platforms,
including Intel, Sparc and MIPS machines). The source code for the I/O
modules and the compatible strings library needed for use with the
freeware Gardens Point Modula-2 for the PC (gpm-pc) is supplied with the
DOS distribution kit, and a complete port of Coco/R for the Unix hosted
versions of Gardens Point Modula-2 is also available.

The Modula-2 version of Coco/R is not a public domain program. It is
being distributed as Shareware. If you make use of Coco/R for commercial
projects (that is, to develop software that you sell to others) you are
obliged to pay for it by making a donation of $50; usage for academic
purposes is free.

Where to get the latest versions

The latest version of Coco/R for Modula-2 should be available for
anonymous ftp from any of the servers listed below:


where it also will be available by mail server

                  From: <address to which it is to be sent>
                  Subject: send pub/modula-2/coco/...


The freeware gpm-pc distribution is available on the same server.

The distribution comes in three files (in each case "xxx" denotes the
release number, for example 133 for version 1.33, the first shareware

        (a) COCOxxx.EXE - the kit for MS-DOS platforms
        (b) xxx.gpm.tar.Z - the equivalent kit for Gardens Point
        (c) README - Slightly longer version of this file

The kits contain sources, objects, examples and vanilla-ASCII
documentation files. The MS-DOS version is a self extracting file for
MS-DOS compressed with the public domain utility LHA. All that is needed
to install the system is to copy the .EXE file to a suitable directory and
to execute it. About 600K of space is needed for the entire distribution.

The Oberon version of Coco/R is freely available from


Like the Modula-2 version, this release comes with full source code.

Pat Terry, Computer Science, Rhodes University, GRAHAMSTOWN 6140, RSA or or
Voice +27-461-318291 or +27-461-318292

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