Please help with testing object oriented compilers (C++) (Amin Kassem )
Tue, 21 Dec 1993 16:22:36 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,,comp.object
From: (Amin Kassem )
Keywords: OOP, testing, question
Organization: Unisys
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 16:22:36 GMT

I am seeking an advice on Object Oriented FUNCTIONALITY testing. My group
is about to embark into a new territory which we have no prior experience.

Our primary objective is to develop test plans, test specifications and
test cases for a suite of compilers, linkers, databaseses operating
systems, etc..., report and keep track of defects.

So far we have done a very good job of uncovering many software defects.
However, we are about to venture into a new territory. It is called
Object Orientation.

As you can tell, we have always worked with a structured and procedural
approach to our testing. My group has no prior experience with any object
oriented language. A class is in the works to teach them the basics of

I am seeking those who have had experience with FUNCTION TESTING of an
object oriented language, especially C++.

1- Has anyone developed a testplan for such thing? What is your

2- What areas, if any, need special/careful attention?

3- In addition to the C++ standard and the commercial validation suites,
        is there, or has anyone developed a list of objectives or list of
        items/areas that must be tested in C++? Who? Where? What?

4- Any DO's, DONT's, LOOK FOR's, good ideas, good practices, etc...
        to follow in our effort?

5- Is there an ftp archive site that may have some examples of tests
        or testplans for C++?
        Are there any resources on the internet that can be utilized?

6- Would anyone recommend a good book or magazine that deals with the
        above issues?

Please remember, I am most concerned with FUNCTION TESTING, (BLACK BOX
TESTING) approaches vs. coverage testing or unit testing. We have no
prior experience with object orientation, so do not hesitate to give your
2 cents worth regardless. Any piece of info would help.

Thank you one and all.

| Amin Kassem, S/W E. - UNISYS Corp.
| System Software & Interface - RTD
| e-mail:

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