Summary of Information Available on Sparc-family processors (Kelvin Nilsen)
Tue, 14 Dec 1993 17:48:45 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.arch,comp.compilers
From: (Kelvin Nilsen)
Keywords: sparc, summary
Organization: Iowa State University, Ames IA
References: 93-12-040 93-12-053
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 17:48:45 GMT

Several weeks ago, I requested pointers to documentation describing
Sparc-family processors. I was especially interested in understanding
their respective pipelines. Here's a compilation of the responses
I received.

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 93 14:42:54 CST
From: (Steve Krueger)
Subject: Re: Pipeline details of various Sun Architectures

I can have a copy of the SuperSPARC Users Guide sent to you if you
send me a complete US mail address. Our Users Guide generally
contains the information you seek, although not always in a direct
tabular form.

-Steve Krueger
SPARC Applications
Texas Instruments
Houston, Texas USA


Just Published from SunSoft Press

                                MULTIPROCESSOR SYSTEM ARCHITECTURES:
                A Technical Survey of Multiprocessor/Multithreaded Systems
            using SPARC, Multi-level Bus Architectures and Solaris (SunOS)

                                            by Ben Catanzaro

This book is the first of its kind to bring together in one volume a
coherent description of the elements that provide for the design and
development of multiprocessor systems from Sun Microsystems, Inc. It
includes new technology that integrates packet-switched buses and
multithreading techniques in the implementation of multiprocessor

Multiprocessor System Architectures can serve as a reference text for
design engineers as well as a hands-on design guide to multiprocessor
systems that provides both hardware and software engineers with a
coherent understanding of the problems and solutions to multiprocessor
system design.

Topics covered include:

. Reviews design considerations associated with multiprocessor systems and
    presents practical solutions

. Provides an indepth study on the Scalable Processor ARChitecture (SPARC)
    and details the various SPARC implementations

. Introduces and details various multi-level bus architectures including
    MBus (a processor-level interconnect bus) and XBus/XDBus (packet switched

. Discusses the use of the SPARC MPSAS Behavioral Simulator to model SPARC
    multiprocessor systems with many design examples

. Introduces and details components of the Solaris/SunOS multithreaded
    architecture such as threads, lightweight processes, synchronization,
    scheduling, preemption, real-time facilities, and programming

. Examines several multiprocessor system implementations by
    highlighting tightly coupled, shared-memory model architectures using
    multi-level bus implementations such as MBus and XDBus

. Provides an MBus Interface Specification and Design Guide that conveys
    significant aspects of designing MBus modules

ISBN 013-089137-1 500 pages $42.00 US (suggested list price)

                                                  CUSTOMER ORDER INFORMATION

Books are available through:

(1) technical bookstores worldwide, or

(2) through SunExpress at 1-800-USE-SUNX or 1-800-873-7869
        after December 15, 1993.

(3) directly from the publishers (see online book catalog below)

                                                        ONLINE BOOK CATALOG

For a complete SunSoft Press book catalog with customer order
information, please email:

From: ????? (Sorry, i'm not sure who Greg is?)

The best source of information is the T.I. SuperSPARC User's
guide. It has all the details on the pipeline that you'll
need, including the "grouping rules" which define how the
processor decides what it can or cannot do in a given cycle.

The hard part of your project is not simulating the
pipeline; it's the rest of the machine. Getting all
the details right on the instruction cache/fetch/prefetch,
MMU refill algorithms, etc. is very hard. Once again, the
user's guide is the best source of information.

TI has just recently completed a new release of this document
which is far superior to the orignal. The TI part number is
2647726-9761. Revision A "Beta" Review from October 1993.

Call your local TI office to get a copy of this.

If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to try and
answer them.



Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 23:01:52 PST
From: Gordon.Irlam@Eng.Sun.COM (Gordon Irlam)
Subject: Re: a guide to compiler writers for sparcstations

I didn't write a thesis (god forbid), but you might want to have a look at There is a note describing some old
SPARC machines, and a slightly out of date SPARC simulator.


Return-Path: <wendt@ives.CS.ColoState.EDU>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 15:46:20 -0700
From: (alan l wendt)

They sell a "SPARC Architecture manual" for $37, including complete
instruction set definition. 1-800-453-6657 or

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