Sparc Architecture (Richard Paul)
Tue, 14 Dec 1993 16:30:18 GMT

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From: (Richard Paul)
Keywords: sparc, books
Organization: University of Pennsylvania
References: 93-12-040 93-12-053
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 16:30:18 GMT

I have just finished a book on SPARC Architecture which I use when I teach
the Introductory Computer Architecture course, I also use the book as a
reference when I teach the compilers course, in which we translate a
sub-set of C into SPARC assembly language.

"SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, and C," by Richard
P. Paul, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-876889-7.

SPARC architecture is covered from a programmer's perspective, making use
of UNIX tools (the macro processor m4; the assembler as; the gnu editor
emacs; and the debugger gdb). Frequent reference is made to C language
constructs and their translation. Chapters on floating point, traps,
memory management and other architectures provide optional course
material. All necessary reference material, including the SAPRC
instruction set, is provided in appendices. The text is suitable for a
one semester introductory course on computer architecture. It is also
suitable for programmers who will be programming SPARC architecture
machines in languages such as C and have concern with computational

Richard (Lou) Paul Department of Computer and Information Science
email: University of Pennsylvania
phone: 215/898-0372 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228 fax:215/573-2048

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