Internal debugger documentation (Bob Pizzi)
Tue, 23 Nov 1993 22:29:47 GMT

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Internal debugger documentation (1993-11-23)
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From: (Bob Pizzi)
Keywords: debug, comment
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References: 93-11-131
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1993 22:29:47 GMT

This post is in reference to a discussion on debugger documentation.. (Mark Lacey) writes:
|> > Could anyone please recommand me a book/literature/course on internals
|> > of debugger.
|> I'd suggest checking out "Understanding and Using COFF" as a starting
|> point. It is by Gintaras R. Gircys, and published by O'Reilly &
|> Associates, Inc. (ISBN 0-937175-31-5)

The AT&T Programmers manual has a chapter on COFF that adequately describes

|> I've never seen a book on writing debuggers.

I have also not found any books on debugger internals.


I have been writing a document describing the internals of the GNU
debugger, gdb. It is still in draft form, so I can not post it, nor place
it on anon ftp. But, I can reply to specific requests for the draft

My document does not completely describe gdb though. Looking at the
source code solves that problem. Rather, my document explains the symbol
table, command structure, remote debugging and other details.

Basically, the document is a place to start and 'get a feel' for the
immensity of the code.

Please mail me if you would like a DRAFT version. When the doc is done, I
will post the info about where it is (anon ftp) and how to get a hardcopy.

Bob Pizzi
Computer Research Group
Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL)
U.C. Davis Student
Dept. of Computer Science
[I had forgetten that the SVR3.2 Programmer's Manual, volume II, actually
has a rather good 45 page discussion of COFF. -John]

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