v0.30 of icc11, a hc11 cross compiler, is now available for ftp

imagecft@netcom.com (Richard Man)
Wed, 17 Nov 1993 09:03:28 GMT

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v0.30 of icc11, a hc11 cross compiler, is now available for ftp imagecft@netcom.com (1993-11-17)
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From: imagecft@netcom.com (Richard Man)
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Organization: Netcom Online Communications Services
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 09:03:28 GMT

Release v.30 of icc11 is now available on
The 2 changes are that a) 386SX+ is no longer required to run the compiler,
and b) the calling convention is more compatible with existing libraries.
You need zip 1.9+ to extract the files.
Here is the readme file:
November 16, 1993

This is pre-general release 0.30 of the C Cross Compiler for HC11. This
program is not in the public domain, but this release may be distributed
to other FTP sites or BBSs provided that all files are included as is
without any modifications.

Unlike 0.20- releases which are 32 bit executables that use a memory
extender, this version of icc11 are 16 bit bound executables runnable on
8086 DOS 3.X+ and OS2 1.X+. It should even be runnable on DOS emulators on
Un*x or Macintosh machines. The compile speed is a bit slower, but this
gets rid of several major limitations of previous releases.

Also, it is no longer necessary to save and restore IX in a function. This
makes the generated code more compatible with existing libraries such as
the miniboard library.

The files included are:

user.asc ascii version of the user manual
user.ps postscript version of the user manual
readme this file
readme.cpp readme file for the DECUS C preprocessor
readme.lcc readme file for the lcc compiler front end
cpp.mem description of the DECUS C preprocessor
icc11.exe compiler driver
icpp.exe C preprocessor
iccom11.exe compiler
as11.exe assembler
crt.s C runtime file
printf.c simple printf like function
dhry.c v 1.1 of dhrystone benchmark

Even though there is no relocatable linker included, the assembler, the
compiler and the compiler driver have been written such that multiple
files of different types can be specified. For example, you may compile
your program and "link" it with the simple printf provided with these

icc11 <your C and asm files> printf.c
icc11 <your C and asm files> printf.s
if you compile printf.c to printf.s first

Although code quality is not the top priority with this compiler (yet),
its code quality is quite respectful. For example, on a 2 Mhz NMI SBC, I
get ~170 dhrystones per second (V1.1). This is in comparison to 400
dhrystones per second as quoted by a $1200 HC11 compiler vendor, and 200
dhrystones per second as quoted by the the same vendor on its major
competitor costing $2000!

Change Log:
Nov 16 1993 release 0.30
- Recompile using 16 bit compiler. The system now runs on 8086 real (DOS,
    386 VDM, DOS emulators) and 286 protected (OS2 1.X+) modes.
- The calling convention has been changed so that it is not necessary to
    save and restore IX in a function. This makes it more compatible with
    existing libraries (such as the miniboard lib) and the resulting code
    is faster too.
Nov 11 1993 release 0.20
- full structure support (assignment, argument and function returning)
- added support for signed divide and modulo
- better code generation for frame pointer access
- assembler listing file was not being created
Oct 27 1993 release 0.11
- hexadecimal and octal literal constants were not accepted
Oct 18 1993 release 0.1
Richard F. Man, imagecft@netcom.com

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