Tech Report on Points-to Analysis Available. (Rakesh GHIYA)
Fri, 12 Nov 1993 19:45:11 GMT

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Tech Report on Points-to Analysis Available. (1993-11-12)
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From: (Rakesh GHIYA)
Keywords: analysis, optimize, report, available, FTP
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1993 19:45:11 GMT

Hi all,

Our technical report on points-to analysis: "Context-Sensitive
Interprocedural Points-to Analysis in the Presence of Function
Pointers. Maryam Emami, Rakesh Ghiya and Laurie J. Hendren" is
now available for anon ftp from
The relevant file is: pub/doc/memos/memo54


This paper reports on the design, implementation, and empirical results of
a new method for dealing with the aliasing problem in C. The method is
based on approximating the points-to relationships between accessible
stack locations, and can be used to generate alias pairs, or used directly
for other analyses and transformations.

Our method provides context-sensitive interprocedural information based on
analysis over invocation graphs that capture all calling contexts
including recursive and mutually-recursive calling contexts. Furthermore,
the method allows the smooth integration for handling general function
pointers in C.

We illustrate the effectiveness of the method with empirical results from
an implementation in the McCAT optimizing/parallelizing C compiler.

The analysis is described in complete detail in Maryam Emami's Master's
thesis: "A Practical Interprocedural Alias Analysis for an
Optimizing/Parallelizing C Compiler". It is also available via anon ftp
from The relevant directory is : pub/doc/thesis/emami

Rakesh Ghiya.
School of Computer Science,
McGill University,
Montreal, Canada.

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