Stack Over/Underflow in .EXE from TPLY30A (Lex + Yacc for TP) (Sens)
Fri, 24 Sep 1993 12:08:23 GMT

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Stack Over/Underflow in .EXE from TPLY30A (Lex + Yacc for TP) (1993-09-24)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.pascal
From: (Sens)
Followup-To: comp.lang.pascal
Keywords: yacc, Pascal, question
Organization: Sector Informatica, Haagse HogeSchool, the NetherLands
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1993 12:08:23 GMT

  Before I went on holiday I asked on this area for a LEX and YACC-tool for
Turbo Pascal. I received a lot of reaction on this, and I want to thank
those who react on this message.

But when I want to use it, I get a nasty failure. I compiled with LEX and
YACC a sample (COBOL-2-C converter) grammar into .PAS code (without any
failures) and compiles it with TPC.EXE After a failureless compilation, I
try to run the resulting .EXE After a couple of STDIN keystrokes with
ENTER's , sudendly this messages appears to the screen:

Runtime Error 202 at xxxx:yyyy

With TPC.EXE Find-Runtime Error I located the source-line, but it's an
ordinairy source-line from TPLEX.TPU /.PAS What went wrong or is there a
bug-fix ?

TPLY30A.ZIP (Albert Graef)

Maurice Sens (Maus)

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