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Thu, 23 Sep 1993 17:44:10 GMT

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CFP: Journal of C Language Translation (1993-09-23)
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From: (John R Levine)
Keywords: C, C++, standards, CFP
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 17:44:10 GMT

The Journal of C Language Translation the leading journal for implementors
of the C and C++ languages, is looking for articles for upcoming issues.

The Journal is designed to be a technical forum for debating issues
relevant to the implementation and extension of the C and C++ languages,
their preprocessor and run-time libraries. It is aimed specifically at
implementors of C and C++ language translators such as compilers,
interpreters, preprocessors, language-to-C and C-to-language translators,
static analysis tools, cross-reference tools, parser generators, lexical
analyzers, syntax-directed editors, and the like. It is also of interest
to vendors of third-party libraries since they must interface with, and
support, vendors of such translation tools.

Possible article topics include:

* Standards--status, meeting schedules, impact, etc., of ANSI and ISO C,
    SQL, GKS, Xwindows, POSIX, and X/OPEN (Regular columnists cover the
    progress of the C and C++ standards committees.)

* Implementation issues, particularly for C++. Templates and exceptions
    still have not been widely implemented. Parsing the ambiguous syntax of
    C++ is not all that well understood, either.

* Internationalization issues and experience, particular experience with
    non-Latin character sets

* Optimization--const, volatile, sequence points, other issues

* Headers, macros and library functions

* Hardware architectures--vector and parallel processing

* Floating-point issues

* Reviews and status of various evaluation test suites

* Quality of implementation issues

* Reviews of books on topics related to C and C++ implementation.

Articles are usually 8 to 15 typeset pages. The Journal does all article
submission, review, editing, and publishing electronically so the
turnaround time from manuscript to publication is very short. The deadline
for each quarterly issue is the beginning of the month preceding the cover
date, so articles submitted by November 1 can, if accepted and no major
revisions are required, be published in the December issue which is mailed
December 31.

Authors are paid either with free subscriptions or small amounts of money.

Send inquiries to

John Levine,, {spdcc|ima|world}!iecc!johnl


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