Journal of C Language Translation, Sept 93 (John R Levine)
Thu, 23 Sep 1993 17:44:57 GMT

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Journal of C Language Translation, Sept 93 (1993-09-23)
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From: (John R Levine)
Keywords: C, C++
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 17:44:57 GMT

The September issue of the Journal of C Language Translation, which I edit
(in my spare time when I'm not doing comp.compilers, naturally), has gone
to press and will be mailed September 30. The table of contents follows.

The JCLT is a quarterly dedicated to the theory and practice of C and C++
compilers, interpreters, libraries, and the like. For subscription
details drop a note to See the next article if you're
interested in writing for the JCLT.

John Levine,

{Vol 5, #1 -- September, 1993}

1. Wide Character Iostreams -- P.J. Plauger

Developing the I/O library for Standard C++

2. Standardizing C++: The Rest of 1992, Part 2 -- Dan Saks

An overview of the activities to date standardizing C++.

3. C Standards Update -- Douglas A. Gwyn

Gwyn discusses the status of the C standard, interpretations, and related
matters and describes a multibyte representation for Unicode

4. NCEG Progress Report -- Linda Stanberry

Recent activity in Numerical C.

5. C++ and Object-Oriented Numerics -- Kent G. Budge, James S. Peery,
Allen C. Robinson, and Michael K. Wong

Using C++ for practical numerical programming

6. Miscellanea -- John Levine

The usual calendar of events, news, products, and services.

7. Corrigendum

Errors in Volume 4, Number 4.


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