CFP- IEEE 5th SPDP, 1993, Dallas, Texas (Hsing B Chen)
Mon, 13 Sep 1993 13:57:58 GMT

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CFP- IEEE 5th SPDP, 1993, Dallas, Texas (1993-09-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Hsing B Chen)
Summary: Sym. on Parallel and Distributed Processing
Keywords: conference, parallel
Organization: Computer Science Eng. at the University of Texas at Arlington
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 13:57:58 GMT
Expires: Wed, 15 Dec 1993 06:00:00 GMT


Call for participation IEEE 5th SPDP, 1993
Dallas, Texas



Sponsors: IEEE-Computer Society and IEEE-CS-Dallas Chapter

  Omni Mandalay Hotel, Irving, Texas - December 1-4, 1993

This symposium provides a forum for the presentation and exchange of
current work on a wide variety of topics in parallel and distributed
processing including:

Computer Architecture Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence Simulation and Modeling
Programming Languages Interconnection Networks
Parallel Algorithms Distributed Computing
Operating Systems Scheduling
VLSI Systems Design Parallel Applications
Database and Knowledge-base Systems

The technical program will be held on December 1-3, 1993 and the
tutorials will be held on December 4, 1993.


Full-day Tutorials (December 4: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm):
T1: Roles of Optics in Parallel Computing and High-Speed
Communications, Ahmed Louri, Univ. of Arizona.
T2: Functional Programming, Patrick Miller and John Feo,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Half-day Tutorials (December 4):
T3: (9:00 am - 12:30 pm): Instruction Scheduling, Barbara Simons
and Vivek Sarkar, IBM Corp.
T4: (2:00 pm - 5:30 pm): Software Systems and Tools for
Distributed Programming, Anand Tripathi, University of

Hotel Reservations:

Please place your reservations directly with Omni Mandalay Hotel
at Las Colinas, 221 East Las Colinas Blvd., Irving, Texas 75039,
Tel: (214) 556-0800, Or (800) 843-6664. You must mention that
you are attending SPDP in order to receive the special symposium
rate of $94/night for a single or a double room. Please check with
the reservations desk for the applicability of other special rates,
such as those available to AAA members. Reservations should be
made before November 16, 1993. After this date, reservations are
subject to space availability.


Omni Mandalay Hotel, the conference site, is located in the Las
Colinas development area in the city of Irving (a suburb of Dallas).
The hotel is about 10 minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
International Airport.

By Car: Take DFW Int'l Airport north exit. Take Highway 114
East towards Dallas, go approximately 8 miles to OConnor Road
Exit. Turn left, go two blocks, turn right on Las Colinas Blvd.
The hotel will be 200 yards on the left.

Shuttle Service: Super Shuttle provides van service from DFW
Int'l Airport to the Omni Mandalay for $8.50 per person each way.
For more information and reservations, call 817-329-2002.

Weather: Dallas weather in early December ranges from low 40's
to high 80's Fahrenheit.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ N
City Irving and City Las Colinas W+E
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ S
          | (IRVING City) O |
================Highway 114========= |
          | __O_____ \ | Dallas City
          | D/FW | O | \ |
          | Airport | O (*)| \ |
          | | O LC| \ |
          | --O----- _ \|
          | O (B) \
          | O - |\
===========================O================Highway 183==
          | O | \
          | O | \
          | O | \
          | O |
          | O |
  LC: City Las Colinas
  *: Omni Mandalay Hotel (SPDP location)
  B: Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium (Texas Stadium)
  O: O'Connor Rd.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dr. Behrooz Shirazi, University of Texas at Arlington, Dept. of
Computer Science & Engineering, 416 Yates, Room 300, Arlington, TX
76019, Tel: (817) 273-3605, Fax: (817)273-3784, E-mail:

The symposium registration includes the symposium proceedings,
banquet, and luncheon. Student registration does not include the
symposium proceedings or the luncheon.

(Advance Registration: Before 11/19/93.)

IEEE Members Non-Members Students
Advance Registration:
Symposium: US$260 US$325 US$100
Full-day Tutorial: US$220 US$275 US$220
Half-day Tutorial: US$110 US$140 US$110

On-site Registration
Symposium: US$310 US$385 US$120
Full-day Tutorial: US$265 US$330 US$265
Half-day Tutorial: US$135 US$165 US$135

IEEE Member:____ Non-Member:____ Student:____
IEEE/Student No.:_______________________

Symposium: $_______
Tutorial: $_______, Specify choice of tutorial(s): T____
Total: $_______

_____Check enclosed, USA BANKS ONLY (payable to SPDP)
____Credit Card (VISA or Master Card ONLY)
VISA___ or Master Card___
Credit Card No.:____________________________________
Expiration Date:____________

Last Name:_____________________________

First Name:________________________ Middle Initial:______

Organization: __________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

City, State,Zip/Country:__________________________________

Phone: ___________________, Fax: ____________________



                                        Technical Program
      Fifth IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing
  Sponsors: IEEE-Computer Society and IEEE-CS-Dallas Chapter
                          Omni Mandalay Hotel, Irving, Texas
                                        December 1-4, 1993

Note: L: 30-minute Presentation
S: 15-minute Presentation

Wednesday, December 1, 1993

8:30-9:30 am: On-site Registration - Conference material available
at the Registration Desk
9:30-10:00 am: Opening and Awards Session (Mandalay West)
10:00-10:30 am: Break

10:30-12:00 noon
Session A-1: Applications & Experimental Results I (Mandalay
Chair: Simin Pakzad (Penn State University)
L: Total Exchange on a Reconfigurable Parallel Architecture - by
Yuh-Dauh Lyuu, Eugen Schenfeld
L: Experimental Evaluation of Performance and Scalability of a
Multiprogrammed Shared-Memory Multiprocessor - by Chitra
Natarajan, Ravi Iyer
S: Parallel Bidirectional A* Search on a Symmetry Multiprocessor
- by Andrew Sohn
S: Characterizing Execution Behavior of Application Programs on
Network-based Shared-memory Mutiprocessors - by Xiaodong
Zhang, Keqiang He, Elisa W. Chan

Session B-1: Architecture I (Martaban)
Chair: S. Lakshmivarahan (Univ. of Oklahoma)
L: The Meerkat Multicomputer - by Robert Bedichek, Curtis
L: Correctness of a Directory-Based Cache Coherence Protocol:
Early Experience - by Fong Pong, Michel Dubois
S: Cache Design for an Explicit Token Store Data Flow
Architecture - by P. Shanmugam, Shirish Andhare, Krishna Kavi,
Behrooz Shirazi
S: Architectural Support for Block Transfers in a Shared Memory
Multiprocessor - by Steven J. E. Wilton, Zvonko G. Vranesic

Session C-1: Wormhole Routing (Rangoon)
Chair: Robert Cypher (IBM Almaden)
L: Universal Wormhole Routing - by R. Greenberg and H. C. Oh
L: A New Theory of Deadlock-free Adaptive Multicast Routing in
Wormhole Networks - by J. Duato
L: Adaptive Wormhole Routing in Hypercube Multicomputers - by
X. Lin, A-H. Esfahanian, P.K. McKinley, A. Burago

12:00 - 1:30 pm: LUNCH

1:30 - 3:00 pm
Session A-2: Storage Management (Mandalay West)
Chair: Margaret Eich (SMU)
L: Parallel Dynamic Storage Allocation Algorithms - by Arun
L: Storage Schemes for Parallel Memory Systems: An Approach
Based on Circulant Matrices - by Cengiz Erbas, Murat M. Tanik,
V. S. S. Nair
S: Parallel Garbage Collection and Graph Reducer - by Wen-Yan
Kuo, Sy-Yen Kuo

Session B-2: Multithreading (Martaban)
Chair: Krishna Kavi (NSF)
L: An Evaluation of Software Multithreading in a Conventional
Distributed Memory Multiprocessor - by Matthew Haines, Wim
L: Analysis of Multithreaded Multiprocessors with Distributed
Shared Memory - by Shashank S. Nemawarkar, R. Govindarajan,
Guang R. Gao, Vinod K. Agarwal
S: RICA: Reduced Interprocessor Communication Architecture -
by Shuichi Sakai, Y. Kodama, M. Sato, A. Shaw, et al.

Session C-2: Applications I (Rangoon)
Chair: Phil Gibbons (ATT Bell Laboratories)
L: Solving Markov Chains Using Bounded Aggregation on a
Massively Parallel Processor - by R.B. Mattingly
L: Direct and Iterative Parallel Methods for Boundary Value
Problems - by I. Gladwell, G.Kraut
L: Efficient Parallel Sibling Finding for Quadtree Data Structure -
by D. Doctor and I. Sudborough

3:00 - 3:30 pm: BREAK

3:30 - 5:00 pm
Session A-3: Interconnection Networks/ Routing I (Mandalay
Chair: Nian-Feng Tzeng (USL)
L: Analysis of Interconnection Networks Based on Simple Cayley
Coset Graphs - by Jen-Peng Huang, S. Lakshmivarahan, S. K.
L: An Efficient Routing Scheme for Scalable Hierarchical
Networks - by Hyunmin Park, Dharma P. Agrawal
S: Performance Evaluation of Idealized Adaptive Routing on k-ary
n-cubes - by A. Lagman, W. A. Najjar, S. Sur, P. Srimani
S: The B&E Model for Adoptable Wormhole Routing - by
Xiaowei Shen, Y. S. Cheung

Session B-3: Performance Evaluation I (Martaban)
Chair: Diane Cook (UT-Arlington)
L: Comparative Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Hot Spots
on MIN-Based and HR-Based Shared-Memory Architectures - by
Xiaodong Zhang, Yong Yan, Robert Castaneda
L: Application of Parallel Disks for Efficient Handling of Object-
Oriented Databases - by Y. C. Chehadeh, A. R. Hurson, L. L.
Miller, B. N. Jamoussi
S: The Parallel State Processor Model - by I. Gottlieb, L. Biran

Session C-3: Geometric Algorithms (Rangoon)
Chair: Cynthia Phillips (Sandia Nat'l Lab)
L: Parallel Algorithms for Geometric Problems on Networks of
Processors - by J. Tsay
L: Optimal Parallel Hypercube Algorithms for Polygon Problems -
by M. Atallah, D. Chen
L: A Parallel Euclidean Distance Transformation Algorithm - by H.
Embrechts, D. Roose

5:00 - 6:00 pm: BREAK

6:00 - 9:00 pm: CONFERENCE RECEPTION (Hors d'oeuvres
and Cash Bar)

Thursday, December 2, 1993

8:30 - 10:00 am
Session A-4: Distributed Systems I (Mandalay West)
Chair: Ray Liuzzi (Air Force Rome Labs)
L: An Efficient and Reliable Multicast Algorithm - by Rosario
Aiello, Elena Pagani, Gian Paolo Rossi
L: An Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm in Distributed
Computing Systems - by Jea-Cheoul Ryou, Jie-Yong Juang
S: Assertions about Past and Future: Communication in a High
Performance Distributed System Highways- by Mohan Ahuja
S: Protocol Refinement for Maintaining Replicated Data in
Distributed Systems - by D. Shou, Sheng-De Wang

Session B-4: Performance Evaluation II (Martaban)
Chair: Hee Yong Youn (UT-Arlington)
L: A Methodology for the Performance Prediction of Massively
Parallel Applications - by Daniel Menasce, Sam H. Noh, Satish K.
L: Determining External Contention Delay Due to Job Interactions
in a 2-D Mesh Wormhole Routed Multicomputer - by Dugki Min,
Matt W. Mutka
L: Simulated Behaviour of Large Scale SCI Rings and Tori - by H.
Cha, R. Daniel Jr.

Session C-4: Mesh Computations (Rangoon)
Chair: Abhiram Ranade (UC- Berkeley)
L: Becoming a Better Host Through Origami: a Mesh is More Than
Rows and Columns - by D. Greenberg, J. Park, E. Schwabe
L: Deterministic Permutation Routing on Meshes - by B. Chlebus,
M. Kaufmann, J. Sibeyn
S: Dilation-5 Embedding of 3-Dimensional Grids into Hypercubes -
by M. Chan, F. Chin, C. N. Chu, W. K. Mak

10:00 - 10:30 am: BREAK

10:30 - 12:00 noon
Session A-5: Applications and Experimental Results II (Mandalay
Chair: Doug Matzke (Texas Instruments)
L: Scalable Duplicate Pruning Strategies for Parallel A* Graph
Search - by Nihar R. Mahapatra, Shantanu Dutt
L: A Parallel Implementation of a Hidden Markov Model with
Duration Modeling for Speech Recognition - by C.D. Mitchell,
R.A. Helzerman, L.H. Jamieson, M.P. Harper
S: Performance Comparison of the CM-5 and Intel Touchstone
Delta for Data Parallel Operations - by Zeki Bozkus, Sanjay Ranka,
Geoffrey Fox, Alok Choudhary

Session B-5: Interconnection Networks/Routing II (Martaban)
Chair: Laxmi Bhuyan (Texas A&M Univ.)
L: Analysis of Link Traffic in Incomplete Hypercubes - by Nian-
Feng Tzeng, Harish Kumar
L: Multicast Bitonic Network - by Majed Z. Al-Hajery, Kenneth E.
L: Valved Routing: Implementing Traffic Control in Misrouting on
Interconnection Network - by Wei-Kuo Liao, Chung-Ta King

Session C-5: Message-Passing Systems (Rangoon)
Chair: Sandeep Bhatt (Bellcore)
L: Computing Global Combine Operations in the Multi-Port Postal
Model - by A. Bar-Noy, J. Bruck, C.T. Ho, S. Kipnis, B. Schieber
S: Broadcasting Multiple Messages in Simultaneous Send/Receive
Systems - by A. Bar-Noy, S. Kipnis
S: Fault Tolerant Broadcasting in SIMD Hypercubes - by Y. Chang
S: Notes on Maekawa's O(sqrt N) Distributed Mutual Exclusion
Algorithm - by Ye-In Chang

SPEECH (Salon D)
Stephen L. Squires (Advanced Research Projects Agency)
High Performance Computing and National Scale Information

2:00 - 3:30 pm
Session A-6: Partitioning and Mapping I (Mandalay West)
Chair: Jeff Marquis (E-Systems)
L: Partitioning and Mapping a Class of Parallel Multiprocessor
Simulation Models - by H. Sellami, S. Yalamanchili
L: An Efficient Mapping of Feed-Forward with Back Propagation
ANNs on Hypercubes - by Q. M. Malluhi, M. A. Bayoumi, T. R. N.
S: Data Partitioning for Networked Parallel Processing - by Phyllis
E. Crandall, Michael J. Quinn

Session B-6: Architecture II (Martaban)
Chair: Dharma P. Agrawal (North Carolina State University)
L: Designing a Coprocessor for Recurrent Computations - by K.
Ganapathy, B. Wah
L: Analysis of Control Parallelism in SIMD Instruction Streams - by
J. Allen, V. Garg, D. E. Schimmel
L: Representation of Coherency Classes for Parallel Systems - by J.
A. Keane, W. Hussak

Session C-6: Applications II (Rangoon)
Chair: Hal Sudborough (UT-Dallas)
L: A Parallel Lattice Basis Reduction for Mesh-Connected
Processor Arrays and Parallel Complexity - by Ch. Heckler, L.
L: Parallel Network Dual Simplex Method on a Shared Memory
Multiprocessor - by K. Thulasiraman, R.P. Chalasani, M.A.
S: Parallel Simulated Annealing by Generalized Speculative
Computation - by Andrew Sohn, Zhihong Wu, Xue Jin

3:30 - 4:00 pm: BREAK

4:00 - 5:30 pm
Session A-7: Languages I (Mandalay West)
Chair: Benjamin Wah (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
L: On the Granularity of Events when Modeling Program
Executions - by Eric Leu, Andre Schiper
L: Cloning ADT Modules to Increase Parallelism: Rationale and
Techniques - by Lonnie R. Welch
L: The Design and Implementation of Late Binding in a Distributed
Programming Language - by Wenwey Hseush, Gail E. Kaiser

Session B-7: Reliability and Fault-Tolerance I (Martaban)
Chair: A. Waksman (Air Force)
L: Measures of Importance and Symmetry in Distributed Systems -
by Mitchell L. Neilsen
S: Dependability Analysis for Large Systems: A Hierarchical
Modeling Approach - by Teresa A. Dahlberg, Dharma P. Agrawal
L: An Adaptive System-Level Diagnosis Approach for Hypercube
Multiprocessors - by C. Feng, L. N. Bhuyan, F. Lombardi

Session C-7: Distributed Algorithms (Rangoon)
Chair: Ioannis Tollis (UT-Dallas)
L: How to Share a Bounded Object: A Fast Timing-Based Solution
- by R. Alur, G. Taubenfeld
L: Using Induction to Prove Properties of Distributed Programs -
by V. Garg and A. Tomlinson
S: An Optimal Distributed Ear Decomposition Algorithm with
Applications to Biconnectivity and Outer Planarity Testing - by A.
Kazmierczak, S. Radhakrishnan
S: Group Membership in a Synchronous Distributed System - by G.
Alari, A. Ciuffoletti

Friday, December 3, 1993

8:30 - 10:00 am
Session A-8: Compilation (Mandalay West)
Chair: Paraskevas Evripidou (SMU)
L: Compiling Distributed C++ - by Harold Carr, Robert Kessler,
Mark Swanson
L: ALIAS Environment: A Compiler for Application Specific
Arrays - by James J. Liu, Milos D. Ercegovac
L: An Algorithm to Automate Non-Unimodular Transformations of
Loop Nests - by Jingling Xue

Session B-8: Languages II (Martaban)
Chair: Les Miller (Iowa State University)
L: Genie: An Environment for Partitioning Mapping in Embedded
Multiprocessors - by S. Yalamanchili, L. Te Winkel, D.
Perschbacher, B. Shenoy
L: Analysis of Affine Communication Specifications - by S.
L: C-Linda Implementation of Distinct Element Model - by Siong
K. Tang, Richard Zurawski

Session C-8: Fault-Tolerant Communication (Rangoon)
Chair: Yanjun Zhang (SMU)
L: Multicasting in Injured Hypercubes Using Limited Global
Information - by J. Wu, K. Yao
L: Fault-Tolerance Properties of deBruijn and Shuffle-Exchange
Networks - by M. Baumslag
L: Communication Complexity of Fault-Tolerant Information
Diffusion - by L. Gargano, A. Rescigno

10:00 - 10:30 am: BREAK

10:30 - 12:00 noon
Session A-9: Interconnection Networks/Routing III (Mandalay
Chair: Dhiraj K. Pradhan (Texas A&M)
L: Exact Solutions to Diameter and Routing Problems in PEC
Networks - by C. S. Raghavendra, M. A. Sridhar
L: Folded Peterson Cube Networks: New Competitors for the
Hyper Cube - by Sabine Oehring, Sajal K. Das
S: A Unified Structure for Recursive Delta Networks - by P.
Navaneethan, L. Jenkins
S: Recursive Diagonal Torus: An Interconnection Network for
Massively Parallel Computers - by Yulu Yang, H. Amano, H.
Shibamura, T. Sueyoshi

Session B-9: Potpourri (Martaban)
Chair: Bill D. Carroll (UT-Arlington)
L: A Processor Allocation Strategy Using Cube Coalescing in
Hypercube Multicomputers - by Geunmo Kim, Hyusoo Yoon
S: An Efficient Storage Protocol for Distributed Object Oriented
Databases- by Min He, Les L. Miller, A. R. Hurson, D. Sheth
S: Performance Effects of Synchronization in Parallel Processors -
by Roger D. Chamberlain, Mark A. Franklin
S: Compiling Distribution Directives in a FORTRAN 90D Compiler
- by Z. Bozkus, A. Choudhary, G. Fox, T. Haupt, S. Ranka
S: A Proposed Parallel Architecture for Exploring Potential
Concurrence at Run-Time - by M. F. Chang, Y. K. Chan

Session C-9: Parallel Algorithms (Rangoon)
Chair: Farhad Shahrokhi (University of North Texas)
L: Fast Rehashing in PRAM Emulations - by J. Keller
L: On the Furthest-Distance-First Principle for Data Scattering with
Set-Up Time - by Y-D. Lyuu
L: Zero-One Sorting on the Mesh - by D. Krizanc and L.

12:00 - 1:30 pm: LUNCH

1:30 - 3:00 pm
Session A-10: Distributed Systems II (Mandalay West)
Chair: Dan Moldovan (SMU)
L: Incremental Garbage Collection for Causal Relationship
Computation in Distributed Systems - by R. Medina
S: STAR: A Fault-Tolerant System for Distributed Applications - by B.
Folliot, P. Sens
S: Flexible User-Definable Performance of Name Resolution
Operation in Distributed File Systems - by Pradeep Kumar Sinha,
Mamoru Maekawa
S: A Layered Distributed Program Debugger - by Wanlei Zhou
S: Distributed Algorithms on Edge Connectivity Problems - by Shi-
Nine Yang, M.S. Cheng

Session B-10: Partitioning and Mapping II (Martaban)
Chair: Sajal Das (University of North Texas)
L: Task Assignment on Distributed-Memory Systems with
Adaptive Wormhole Routing - by V. Dixit-Radiya, D. Panda
L: A Fast and Efficient Strategy for Submesh Allocation in Mesh-
Connected Parallel Computers - by Debendra Das Sharma, Dhiraj
K. Pradhan
L: Scalable and Non-Intrusive Load Sharing in Distributed
Heterogeneous Clusters - by Aaron J. Goldberg, Banu Ozden

Session C-10: Network Communication (Rangoon)
Chair: C.S. Raghavendra (WSU)
L: Optimal Communication Algorithms on the Star Graph
Interconnection Network - by S. Akl, P. Fragopoulou
L: Embedding Between 2-D Meshes of the Same Size - by W.
Liang, Q. Hu, X. Shen
S: Optimal Information Dissemination in Star and Pancake
Networks - by A. Ferreira, P. Berthome, S. Perennes

3:00 - 3:30 pm: BREAK

3:30 - 5:00 pm
Session A-11: Applications and Experimental Results III (Mandalay
Chair: Bertil Folliot (Universite Paris)
L: Extended Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Channel Routing -
by B. B. Prahalada Rao, R. C. Hansdah
S: A Data-Parallel Approach to the Implementation of Weighted
Medians Technique on Parallel/Super-computers - by K. P. Lam,
Ed. Horne
S: Matching Dissimilar Images: Model and Algorithm - by Zhang
Tianxu, Lu Weixue
S: Parallel Implementations of Exclusion Joins - by Chung-Dak
S: Point Visibility of a Simple Polygon on Reconfigurable Mesh -
by Hong-Geun Kim and Yoo-Kun Cho

Session B-11: Reliability and Fault-Tolerance II (Martaban)
Chair: Ben Lee (Oregon State University)
L: Adaptive Independent Checkpointing for Reducing Rollback
Propagation - by Jian Xu, Robert H. B. Netzer
L: Fast Polylog-Time Reconfiguration of Structurally Fault-
Tolerant Multiprocessors - by Shantanu Dutt
L: Real-Time Distributed Program Reliability Analysis - by Deng-
Jyi Chen, Ming-Cheng Sheng, Maw Sheng

Session C-11: Interconnection Networks/Routing IV (Rangoon)
Chair: Sudha Yalamanchili (Georgia Tech.)
L: Scalable Architectures with k-ary n-cube cluster-c organization -
by Debashis Basak, Dhabaleswar Panda
L: On Partially Dilated Multistage Interconnection Networks with
Uniform Traffic and Nonuniform Traffic Spots - by M. Jurczyk, T.
S: Binary deBruijn Networks for Scalability and I/O Processing - by
Barun K. Kar, Dhiraj K. Pradhan
S: A Class of Hypercube-Like Networks - by Anirudha S. Vaidya,
P. S. Nagendra Rao, S. Ravi Shankar

Saturday, December 4, 1993

Tutorial T1: Roles of Optics in Parallel Computing and High-Speed
by Ahmed Louri - University of Arizona
8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Martaban)
This tutorial will start by examining the state-of-the-art in parallel
computing, including parallel processing paradigms, hardware, and
software. We will then discuss the basic concepts of optics in
computing and communications and the motivations for considering
optics and ways in which optics might provide significant
enhancements to the computing and communications technologies.
The tutorial will include some case studies of optical computing and
switching systems. Current research and future applications of
optical computing are discussed.

Tutorial T2: Functional Programming
by Patrick Miller and John Feo - Lawrence Livermore National
8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Rangoon)
The objective of this tutorial is to familiarize the participants with
the current state of functional languages. We will cover both
theoretical and practical issues. We will explain the mathematical
principals that form the foundation of functional languages, and
from which they derive their advantages. We will survey a
representative set of existing functional languages and different
implementation strategies. We will use the functional language
Sisal to expose the participants to the art of functional

Tutorial T3: Instruction Scheduling
by Barbara Simons and Vivek Sarkar - IBM Corp.
8:30 - 12:00 noon (Nepal)
In this tutorial we describe different models of deterministic
scheduling, including pipeline scheduling, scheduling with inter-
instructional latencies, scheduling VLIW machines, and assigned
processor scheduling. In addition, we present an overview of
important extensions to the basic block scheduling problem. The
program dependence graph, annotated with weights, provides a
good representation for global instruction scheduling beyond a
basic block. Finally, we describe the close interaction between the
problems of instruction scheduling and register allocation.

Tutorial T4: Software Systems and Tools for Distributed
by Anand Tripathi - University of Minnesota
1:30-5:00 pm (Nepal)
This tutorial will present an overview of the most commonly used
paradigms and models for distributed computing. This discussion
will address interprocess communication models and heterogeneous
computing issues. An overview of the object model of computing
will be presented in the context of micro-kernel architectures for
distributed computing. The programming languages and tools to be
discussed here include Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), P4, Linda,
Express, Mentat, Condor, CODE/ROPE, and Orca.

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