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Mon, 6 Sep 1993 20:41:56 GMT

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Re: list of schools (Tom Legrady) (1993-09-06)
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From: Tom Legrady <>
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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1993 20:41:56 GMT

operjfk@hydra.Rose-Hulman.Edu writes:
>(3) What graduate schools are doing interesting things with compilers? (Preston Briggs) writes:
>It seems like I do this list every month, and I always leave off
>someone important. I apologize in advance!
>In no order, expect as they leap to mind,
>Rice >Stanford
>U of Washington >U of Illinois
>Georgia Tech >Waterloo
>Yale >MIT
>CMU >Cornell
>Rutgers >Maryland
>Delaware >Clemson
>Pittsburgh >Princeton
>Washington U at Saint Louis >Berkeley
>Oregon Graduate Institute >and others

I realize that from a practical viewpoint, American students are
primarily concerned with schools which are conveniently accessible.
But if you are going to make such a list, let us specify a couple of
dozen schools world-wide which are doing the most important work,
followed by conveniently located schools which are doing interesting work.

It seems to me that such a list cannot ignore Niklaus Wirth and the
Institut fur Computerzystem (sp?) in Geneva. Pascal and Modula are
essential to the history (and still relevant to the future) of
programming languages, and Oberon may have its effects, too, though
it seems to be a sideline. Other sites which I would suspect are worth
investigating include the Free University, AmsterdamD and, Cambridge
University, England. Simula was popular in the Scandinavian countries
for decades before North Americans ever heard of objects. Is there any
good compiler work going on there?

My suggestion for any graduate students : Consider studying abroad.
If you're going to slave away all week, wouldn't it be nice to go off
to a Bavarian castle for the weekend? Many places do a large part of
their work in English anyway ...

Tom Legrady

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