Call for Papers: Special Issue Journal of Programming Lang.

ferrant@coco.cs.Colorado.EDU (Jeanne Ferrante)
Thu, 19 Aug 1993 15:50:35 GMT

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Call for Papers: Special Issue Journal of Programming Lang. ferrant@coco.cs.Colorado.EDU (1993-08-19)
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From: ferrant@coco.cs.Colorado.EDU (Jeanne Ferrante)
Keywords: CFP, parallel
Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Computer Science
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1993 15:50:35 GMT

                        Journal of Programming Languages Call for Papers

                          Special Issue on Compiling and Run-Time Issues
                                  for Distributed Address Space Machines

The editors of the Journal of Programming Languages announce a special
issue devoted to Compiling and Run-Time Issues for Distributed Address
Space Machines, that is, compiling and running programs on machines
where a single program spans multiple address spaces. The submission
deadline is Dec. 31, 1993.

We are interested in papers in the following specific areas relating
to such machines:

Program analysis and optimization
Optimization of communication and data movement
Automatic partitioning and alignment strategies and experience
The interaction of compilers and run-time environments
Internal representations
Compiling data parallel languages such as High Performance Fortran

Aims and scope of the journal

The quarterly Journal of Programming Languages provides a unique forum
for research in high level language design and implementation. The
Journal presents work of practical relevance and disseminates
knowledge obtained from experiment and observation. The first issue of
the journal was published in March, 1993.

The Journal is strongly committed to electronic submission and
reviewing, and can promise quick turn-around time. Expected time to
first review for this issue is March, 1994. We expect publication
of the special issue in mid-1994.

Submission of papers for the special issue

Submission of postscript version by email (encouraged) or hardcopy
version by regular mail, to Jeanne Ferrante at the address below.
Papers should not exceed 10,000 words; shorter submissions are
welcome. Submissions should arrive by Dec. 31, 1993, but earlier
submission is encouraged. Further information on expected format of
submissions can be obtained from either editor.


Des Watson Jeanne Ferrante
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences IBM TJ Watson Research Center
University of Sussex 30 Saw Mill River Rd.
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK Hawthorne, NY 10532, USA
Tel: (+44) 0273 678045 Tel: (+1) 914 784 7521 (secy)
Fax: (+44) 0273 678188 Fax: (+1) 914 784 7455
Email: Email:

The Journal of Programming Languages is published by Chapman & Hall,
2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HN, UK. Telephone: 071-865 0066, fax:
071-522 9624.

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