PCCTS, multiple ANTLR calls

Wed, 11 Aug 1993 15:16:29 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: dse@cbnewsi.att.com
Keywords: PCCTS, question, comment
Organization: AT&T
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 15:16:29 GMT

I'm trying to use PCCTS as a parser within a larger program from
which I need to call the ANTLR macro several times.

The parser works fine for the first call, but all subsequent calls with
the same data result in parse errors. I suspect that the zzEXIT macro is
freeing up resources needed for ANTLR calls.

Is there a way call ANTLR multiple times within an executable?

If not does anyone have suggestions for a EBNF parser, like PCCTS, that
allows for multiple calls. Another feature I need is the ability to load
multiple, independently generated parsers. Most parser, other than Bison,
do not allow this.

[There are some fairly well-known hacks involving running a sed script on the
output of yacc, that people use to include multiple yacc parsers. -John]

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