gamma-GLA reference? (Arnold Robbins)
Mon, 9 Aug 1993 03:09:16 GMT

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gamma-GLA reference? (1993-08-09)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Arnold Robbins)
Keywords: lex, tools, question, comment
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1993 03:09:16 GMT

I have a reference to the summer 88 Usenix conference proceedings on
gamma-GLA, a generator for lexical analyzers, by Robert Grey. I'm trying
to trace down an actual copy of the paper, preferably either troff or
postscript. I thought at one time GLA was being distributed by ftp,
including a copy of the paper, but don't remember where it was available

Pointers to code and/or postscript appreciated!

Arnold Robbins --- Continuing Education, College of Computing
Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 30332-0280 Phone: +1 404 894 9214 (has voice mail)
E-mail: FAX: +1 404 853 9378
[A 1989 article said it was at, but
I didn't see it thre just now. -John]

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