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Wed, 28 Jul 1993 21:24:07 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Chris DONAWA)
Keywords: optimize, tools
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 93-07-076
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1993 21:24:07 GMT wrote:

: Could someone please post some references on papers on BURS (Bottom Up
: Rewrite Systems). Any work that uses BURS is welcome. I'm particularly
: interested in how BURS compares with TWIG.

Check out Burg and Iburg. Iburg is much faster and more robust than TWIG

There are two articles of interest: PostScript for
                            C. W. Fraser, R. R. Henry and T. A. Proebsting,
                            `BURG -- Fast optimal instruction selection and tree parsing,'
                            SIGPLAN Notices 27, 4 (Apr. 1992), 68-76. 9 pages. PostScript for
                            C. W. Fraser, D. R. Hanson and T. A. Proebsting,
                            `Engineering a simple, efficient code generator generator,'
                            ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems, 1993,
                            to appear. 14 pages.

The second one has a comparison of BURG with TWIG, and BURG uses BURS.

They are available (along with iburg) from
( in pub/iburg.tar.Z.

: Also, I was told that there is a well known paper that proved optimal code
: generation for dags is NP-complete. Does anyone know its reference?

Look in the Dragon book, I seem to remember something there (although
my memory is fading....)

Burg and Iburg claim to be able to generate
an optimal cover for given patterns. A pattern would correspond to
an AST whose root node is a modify statement e.g.

a := a +b -c *d;

so it works quite well for CISC architectures, but it's fast pattern matching
ability isn't so advantageous for RISC (we just use it as a portable high
level tool for code generation).

Chris Donawa

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