PLDI '94 Call for Papers (June 94, Orlando) (Lori Pollock)
Tue, 20 Jul 1993 13:14:44 GMT

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PLDI '94 Call for Papers (June 94, Orlando) (1993-07-20)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Lori Pollock)
Keywords: CFP, conference
Organization: University of Delaware, Newark
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1993 13:14:44 GMT

                                                                Call for Papers
                                                      ACM SIGPLAN Conference on
                                  Programming Language Design and Implementation
                  Walt Disney World Village, Orlando, Florida, June 20-24, 1994

PLDI'94 continues the series of broad-based language and compiler design
conferences. The conference will provide a forum for researchers and
developers to gain awareness of current practical and experimental work
across the breadth of the field. Emphasis will be placed on experimental
results and experience with the languages and techniques described. The
conference seeks original papers relevant to practical issues concerning
the design, development, implementation, and use of programming
languages (in contrast to the POPL symposium which is oriented more toward
foundations). The conference does not favor any particular programming
paradigm or support architecture. Conference topics include:

          compiler construction design and use of languages
          storage management benchmarks and assessment
          program analysis optimizations for scalar/parallel architectures
          debugging incremental and interactive methods
          interpretation intermediate and internal representations
          translation validation
          implementation for non-traditional languages/architectures

Authors should submit either a PostScript file (our preferred submission
method) or send fifteen double-sided copies of an extended abstract to the
program chair; persons without access to photocopiers may submit a single
copy. The first sheet of the abstract (not the cover letter) must include
the phone number and street and Internet addresses for the corresponding
author. Abstracts must not exceed 5000 words (approximately 10 pages
typeset 10-point on 16-point spacing, or 15 pages if typewritten
double-spaced). Excessively long abstracts will be rejected immediately
by the program chair. Papers awaiting acceptance by any other conference
are ineligible for PLDI'94; if a closely related paper has been submitted
to a journal, the authors must notify the program chair.

The abstract must be organized so that it is easily understood by a broad
audience. The abstract should clearly identify what has been
accomplished, why it is significant, and how it compares with prior work.
Abstracts will be judged on clarity, significance, relevance, correctness,
and originality. Suggestions for writing abstracts, as well as other
conference-related announcements, are available by anonymous ftp from

November 5, 1993 is the strict deadline for receipt of submissions.
Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by January 24, 1994.
Full versions of the accepted papers must be formatted according to ACM
conventions, and a camera-ready copy must be received by the program chair
no later than March 12, 1994. Authors of accepted papers must sign an ACM
copyright release form. Proceedings will be distributed at the conference
and as a special issue of SIGPLAN Notices. All papers published in the
proceedings are eligible for publication in refereed ACM publications at
the discretion of the editor.

Program Committee

Craig Chambers, University of Washington
Rajiv Gupta, University of Pittsburgh
Francois Irigoin, Ecole des Mines
Peter Markstein, Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Tom Marlowe, Seton Hall University
James McGraw, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Rishiyur Nikhil, DEC Cambridge Research Laboratory
Anne Rogers, Princeton University
Vivek Sarkar, IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory
Linda Torczon, Rice University
G.A. Venkatesh, Bell Communications Research
Michael Wolfe, Oregon Graduate Institute
Benjamin Zorn, University of Colorado

The conference will be preceded by two days of tutorials on June 20-21.
PLDI'94 will be co-located with the Conference on Lisp and Functional
Programming as well as with several related workshops. Announcement of
tutorial topics and workshops will be provided in the conference advance
program, on the Internet newsgroup comp.lang.sigplan, and through the
anonymous ftp account listed above. Child care will be available at the
conference at additional cost, by advance reservation.

Program Chair
Vivek Sarkar
IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory, J57/E222
555 Bailey Avenue
San Jose, California 95141 USA

General Co-Chairs
                    Barbara Ryder Mary Lou Soffa
                    Dept of Computer Science Dept of Computer Science
                    Rutgers University University of Pittsburgh
                    New Brunswick, NJ 08903 Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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