CFP: Compiler Construction '94 --- Edinburgh, Scotland

Stephen Gilmore <>
Mon, 12 Jul 1993 09:59:38 GMT

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CFP: Compiler Construction '94 --- Edinburgh, Scotland (Stephen Gilmore) (1993-07-12)
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From: Stephen Gilmore <>
Keywords: CFP, conference
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1993 09:59:38 GMT


      CAAP/ESOP/CC '94 --- Edinburgh, Scotland

      CAAP'94 Colloquium on Trees in Algebra and Programming 11-13 Apr 94
      ESOP'94 European Symposium on Programming 11-13 Apr 94
      CC'94 International Conference on Compiler Construction 7-9 Apr 94

      In cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN


      Programme Committee

      S. Tison (Lille, chair)
      J. Almeida (Porto)
      A. Arnold (Bordeaux)
      V. Bruyere (Mons)
      H. Comon (Orsay)
      B. Courcelle (Bordeaux)
      A. De Luca (Naples)
      V. Diekert (Stuttgart)
      J. Karhumaki (Turku)
      G. Mauri (Milan)
      M. Nivat (Paris)
      D. Niwinski (Warsaw)
      A. Restivo (Palermo)
      H. Seidl (Passau)
      C. Stirling (Edinburgh)
      W. Thomas (Kiel)

      This colloquium series was originally devoted to the algebraic and
combinatorial properties of trees, and their role in various fields of
Computer Science. The importance of trees in Computer Science is now
firmly established, and the study of their algebraic, logical, and
combinatorial properties has made significant progress. Many other
structures such as graphs are playing similar roles and deserve similar
theoretical studies. In keeping with CAAP's traditions while accounting
for these new trends, CAAP '94 will focus on algebraic, logical, and
combinatorial properties of discrete structures such as strings, trees,
graphs, combinatorial configurations on grids, and tilings, just to list
the main notions. A central topic is the theory of formal languages
considered in this broad sense, i.e. the study of automata, grammars,
systems of equations, logic, rewriting systems, etc. as descriptive
formalisms. The topics include also applications to Computer Science
provided that algebraic or syntactic methods are involved.


      Programme Committee

      D. Sannella (Edinburgh, chair)
      R. Back (Turku)
      G. Berry (Sophia-Antipolis)
      G. Cousineau (Paris)
      R. De Nicola (Rome)
      P. Dybjer (Gothenburg)
      P. Klint (Amsterdam)
      B. Krieg-Bruckner (Bremen)
      A. Mycroft (Cambridge)
      F. Nielson (Aarhus)
      A. Sernadas (Lisbon)
      A. Tarlecki (Warsaw)
      D. Warren (Bristol)
      R. Wilhelm (Saarbrucken)
      M. Wirsing (Munich)

      This conference is devoted to fundamental issues in the specification,
design and implementation of programming languages and systems. The
emphasis is on research that bridges the gap between theory and practice,
for example an implemented system that embodies an important concept or
method, or a formal framework for design that usefully addresses issues
arising in practical system development. The scope of the conference
includes work on: software analysis, specification, transformation,
development and verification/certification; programming paradigms
(functional, logic, object-oriented, concurrent, etc.) and their
combinations; programming language concepts, implementation techniques and
semantics; software design methodologies; typing disciplines and
typechecking algorithms; and programming support tools (this is not an
exhaustive list).


      Programme Committee

      P. Fritzson (Linkoping, chair)
      A. Goldberg (Palo Alto)
      R. Gupta (Pittsburgh)
      T. Gyimothy (Szeged)
      S. Haridi (Stockholm)
      L. Hendren (Montreal)
      N. Horspool (Victoria)
      F. Irigoin (Paris)
      T. Johnsson (Gothenburg)
      M. Jourdan (Paris)
      U. Kastens (Paderborn)
      K. Koskimies (Tampere)
      M. Lam (Stanford)
      O. Lehrmann-Madsen (Aalborg)
      D. Padua (Urbana-Champaign)
      G. Riedewald (Rostock)
      S. Romanenko (Moscow)

      The International Conference on Compiler Construction provides a forum
for presentation and discussion of recent developments in the area of
compiler construction, language implementation and language design. Its
scope ranges from compilation methods and tools to implementation
techniques for specific requirements of languages and target architectures.
It also includes language design and programming environments issues which
are related to language translation. There is an emphasis on practical and
efficient techniques. Topics include, but are not restricted to: tools for
any phase of compilation; methods and techniques for code generation and
optimization; compilation for parallel architectures; programming
environments; translation of computer languages (imperative, functional,
logic, object-oriented, parallel, etc.); translation of application and
specification languages; other tools closely related to compiler
construction, e.g. debuggers, data flow analyzers, etc.


Original papers on topics relevant to CAAP '94, ESOP '94 and CC '94 are
sought. Prospective authors are invited to submit five copies of a full
draft paper (about 15 pages) to the appropriate programme committee

      Sophie Tison, CAAP '94
      University of Lille 1
      Bat. M3
      F-59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
      Telephone: +33-20434309
      Telefax: +33-20436566

      Don Sannella, ESOP '94
      LFCS, Department of Computer Science
      The King's Buildings
      University of Edinburgh
      Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
      Telephone: +44-31-6505184
      Telefax: +44-31-6677209

      Peter Fritzson, CC '94
      Department of Computer
          and Information Science
      Linkoping University
      S-581 83 Linkoping
      Telephone: +46-13-281484
      Telefax: +46-13-282666

Papers must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere.
Each submission should include a short abstract, and should clearly
indicate an address for correspondence, with e-mail address if available.
Authors who have no access to photocopying facilities may submit a single
copy. Electronically submitted papers will not be considered. Papers that
attempt to establish links between different approaches and/or include
expository or survey material, as well as presenting original results,
will be welcomed. Papers will be carefully refereed and will be judged on
the basis of relevance, originality, significance, correctness, and


      Deadline for submission: 15th October 1993
      Notification of acceptance: 6th December 1993
      Final version due: 28th January 1994

The conferences will be held at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes
in Computer Science series.


      CAAP '94: H. Comon (Orsay)
      CAAP '94: J. Engelfriet (Amsterdam)
      ESOP '94: L. Cardelli (Palo Alto)
      ESOP '94: R. Milner (Edinburgh)
      CC '94: K. Nygaard (Oslo)


Non-commercial software systems may be demonstrated in parallel with the
conferences. Authors are invited to make a proposal for demonstration to
the chairman of the local arrangements committee:

      George Cleland, CAAP/ESOP/CC '94
      LFCS, Department of Computer Science
      The King's Buildings
      University of Edinburgh
      Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
      Telephone: +44-31-6505199
      Telefax: +44-31-6677209


Facilities will be provided for holding short specialized workshops and
other meetings (e.g. meetings of ESPRIT Basic Research Projects and
Working Groups) in conjunction with CAAP/ESOP/CC '94. Organizers are
invited to make arrangements with the chairman of the local arrangements
committee (deadline: 15th October 1993).

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