Language to bootstrap compiler? (Michael Winters)
Sun, 11 Jul 1993 03:57:37 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Michael Winters)
Keywords: forth, question
Organization: Peace Corps of the United States, Washington, DC
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1993 03:57:37 GMT

I have come up with the idea, although I doubt it is very original, to try
and bootstrap a language using FORTH. For example, it would be nice to
have some software tools that can be used with Oracle and Rexx. Oracle is
not a very extensible environment to work in, although you can use Pro*C,
Pro*Fortran, Pro*Ada etc... to write embedded SQL using 3GL languages. An
old Byte Book called "Threaded Interpreted Languages" seemed to hint at
some interesting possiblities for using threaded intrepreted languages.
Has anyone had experience with implementing compilers or interpreters in
FORTH, instead of writing, for example, a PASCAL compiler, in C? Charles
Moore, the inventor of Forth, stated some time ago in an article that a
BASIC interpreter could be written in far fewer lines of FORTH, than using
another language to implement BASIC in. If anyone has any opinion or
ideas on this stuff, I would be interested in your views. Thanks!

--------- Michael Winters U.S. Peace Corps

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