Wanted: Run-time Code Generators

thinman@netcom.com (Technically Sweet)
Wed, 23 Jun 1993 20:03:27 GMT

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Wanted: Run-time Code Generators thinman@netcom.com (1993-06-23)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: thinman@netcom.com (Technically Sweet)
Keywords: tools, question
Organization: International Foundation for Internal Freedom
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1993 20:03:27 GMT

I'm looking for a freeware incremental compiler, or code generator. That
is, a library which generates a subroutine which the main program can then
call. The new subroutine is in machine code. There are several language
implementations which have this: some Common Lisps and MIT's C-Scheme.

There is one such beast in source form on the nets: PICO, in
comp.source.misc volume 26. PICO reads an image manipulation program,
generates a SPARC or MIPS version, then calls it.

Self (papers on self.stanford.edu) has a particularly nifty take on this:
there is no interpreter, only a run-time compiler, and methods compile
themselves with more and more optimizations each time you call them.

There is for free a counterpart library which takes care of the obvious
instructing caching/pipeline problems. It is the "fly" library, written
by a U. of Washington student, pardo@cs.washington.edu.
Lance Norskog

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