Compiler positions available for week ending June 13
Sun, 13 Jun 1993 12:00:00 GMT

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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1993 12:00:00 GMT

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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 93 10:52:59 -0400
From: odersky@CS.YALE.EDU
Subject: Research positions available at Karlsruhe
Reply-To: odersky-martin@CS.YALE.EDU

Job Opportunities

Associate Research Scientist
Research Assistant

University of Karlsruhe
Department of Computer Science
Professor Martin Odersky

I will be starting a new research group at the University of
Karlsruhe, for which I have two positions available. As a project, I
would like to develop calculi and implementations for new general
purpose languages with a rigorous theoretical basis. Hence, I am
looking primarily for people who want to work in programming language
semantics and implementation. Appropriate technical background

    Functional programming, object-oriented programming, concurrency,
    compiler construction, partial evaluation,
    programming language theory, type systems, semantics.

The Associate Research Scientist position is a temporary
appointment for 3 years, renewable. The payscale is according to C 1
or BAT II a, which translates to DM 50.000 - 68.000 (US $ 31.000 -
43.000), depending on age and experience. The position carries a
moderate teaching load. Minimum requirement is a Ph.D. in Computer

The Research Assistant position is for someone who would like
to do his Ph.D. in the field of programming language semantics or
implementation. It also carries a moderate teaching load. The
payscale is according to BAT II a, which translates to DM 40.000 -
50.000 (US $ 25.000 - 31.000). Minimum requirement is a degree
equivalent to the German "Diplom". A Master or a B.Sc. with some
graduate-level studies would be about right.

German language skills are not a prerequisite for either of the two
positions, but applicants should be willing to learn the language.
(There are good facilities at the local Goethe-Institute).

Karlsruhe is a pleasant town of about 250.000 people. It is located in
the south-west corner of Germany in the Rhine valley. It sits right
between France in the west and the Black Forest in the east. The
university has a large Computer Science Department with very good
computing facilities (mainly recent Sun workstations, also several
parallel computers).

If you are interested, please send me a resume and a list of
references (by e-mail, if possible).

Best regards,

-- Martin

Address from July, 1993:

Professor Martin Odersky
Institut fuer Programmstrukturen und Datenorganisation
Universitaet Karlsruhe
Postfach 6980
7500 Karlsruhe 1

(this should keep working for a while)

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