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From: (Pippo Scollo)
Keywords: theory, conference
Organization: University of Twente, Dept. of Computer Science
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1993 22:39:05 GMT


                                                      Registration Information

                                              Third International Conference
                              Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology

                    University of Twente, The Netherlands, June 21--25, 1993


The conference will take place in the BB-building of the University Campus,
the first building on the left after the main entrance to the Campus.

A registration and information desk will be located next to the conference
room, starting from Monday morning, 08:30.
A registration desk will also be open during the evening of Sunday 20 June,
from 19:00 through 21:00, at the Hotel ICSC Drienerburgth, on the university


A table of registration fees, including reduced fees for one-day attendance,
is given in the registration form.

The member rate applies to members of a sponsoring organization, members of
the organizing and programme committees, and authors of accepted papers.
The student rate applies to full-time students.

The regular and member rates give right to the participants' edition of the
proceedings (see below), welcoming reception, lunches, coffee breaks, and
local transportation between the conference site and hotels in Enschede.

The student rate gives right to the same privileges as the regular and member
rates, except for lunches.


Four-page abbreviated papers of the talks presented at the conference,
together with the invited talks, will be collected in the participants'
edition of the proceedings, which will be available to the attendees upon
their arrival in Twente.

The authors are expected to bring full versions of their papers at the
conference, for further review and inclusion in the AMAST'93 Proceedings,
to be published after the conference.

A special issue of `Theoretical Computer Science' will be dedicated to
this conference; participants will be invited to submit a full paper for
possible publication in this journal.

Modes of payment

Payment of fees must accompany the registration form.

Registrants who wish to pay by a credit card (VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard,
or American Express) may do so by filling out the details and signing the
appropriate part of the registration form.

Payment may also be made by transferring the applicable fee to the following
bank account:

ING-bank Enschede,
Boulevard 1945 n. 1
NL-7511AA Enschede
The Netherlands
account n., to the name of:
University of Twente, Fac., Informatica
reason of payment: AMAST'93

Payment may also be made by a personal cheque or (international) money
order, which must be in Dutch guilders (Dfl) or US dollars.
Cheques and money orders should be payable to
``University of Twente, Fac. Informatica, AMAST'93''.


* On the University campus

Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the following hotels:

ICSC Drienerburg:
Dfl. 96.50 (single), Dfl. 114.50 (double), per night, breakfast included

Dfl. 42.50 per night, per person (two-person shared room, breakfast included)

Both hotels are located a few minutes walk from the conference site.
Because of the limited number of rooms available,
priority for accomodation at the ICSC Drienerburg is given to
committee members and to invited speakers,

while priority for accomodation at the Logica is given to
participants from currency-constrained countries.
Under this priority scheme, requests for accomodation on the campus
will be honoured on a first-come-first-serve basis.

* In Enschede

The following hotels are recommended:

Dfl. 125 per night (single or double), breakfast (Dfl. 18.50) not included;
downtown center;
address: Boulevard 1945, 2, NL-7511AE Enschede
phone: + 31 53 866666, 863111 fax: + 31 53 353104

Dfl. 110 (single), Dfl. 175 (double), per night, breakfast included;
downtown center;
address: M.H. Tromplaan, 55, NL-7513AB Enschede
phone: + 31 53 318244, fax: + 31 53 301625

Dfl. 65 (single, without shower), Dfl. 85 (single), Dfl. 125 (double),
per night, breakfast included;
1.5km from downtown center, 2.5 km from university campus.
address: Hengelosestraat 200, NL-7521AL Enschede
phone: + 31 53 353855, 353625 fax: + 31 53 330155

* Reservations

Hotel reservations can be made via the conference secretariat, by filling
the relevant entries in the registration form, or directly for hotels in
Inquiries should be directed to:

Mrs. Joke Lammerink, AMAST'93 Secretariat
University of Twente, Fac. Informatica
P.O. Box 217, NL-7500AE Enschede
phone: + 31 53 893680, fax: + 31 53 315283, e-mail:

All accomodation fees are to be paid directly to the hotel at check-out time.

Travel information

Most of the international flights arrive at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam).

The Schiphol railway station is located just in front of the arrival
gates. Direct trains to Enschede leave from Schiphol every hour during
daytime. In addition, trains with destination Groningen/Leeuwarden may
also be taken; for these, a connecting train to Enschede waits in
Amersfoort at the other side of the same platform. International trains
directed to Germany via Hengelo (8 km from Enschede) are as well
convenient; the waiting time in Hengelo for the connecting train to
Enschede is of a few minutes only. In all cases, the travelling time is
approximately 2 hours and a half. The 2nd-class ticket price is Dfl.

A cheap taxi ticket (called `treintaxi') can be bought at the Enschede
railway station upon arrival, by exhibiting the train ticket. The fare is
fixed (Dfl. 5.00 per person) for every destination in Enschede, but
usually the taxi is to be shared.

As an alternative to travelling by train, an Enschede-based taxi company
offers transportation by car between Schiphol and Enschede at about twice
the cost of the second class train ticket.
Use of this so-called `Schiphol service' is to be negotiated in advance;
the conference secretariat is ready to help for this purpose.

Twente is also served by a small airport, provided with domestic as well as
international flights.

Further information

Further information can be obtained from the AMAST'93 Secretariat:

Mrs. Joke Lammerink, Mrs. Charlotte Bijron, Mrs. Alice Hoogvliet-Haverkate,
University of Twente, Fac. Informatica
P.O. Box 217, NL-7500AE Enschede
phone: + 31 53 893680, fax: + 31 53 315283
e-mail: {lammerin | bijron | hoogvlie}


                                                  AMAST'93 Registration Form

            name: ____________ first name: ____________ middle initials: ______

            affiliation: ______________________________________________________

            mailing address: __________________________________________________

            phone: _______________ fax: _______________

            e-mail: _____________________________________

* Rates

Fees indicated below are in [ Dfl / US$ ].
Please indicate the applicable rate (and currency), and justify it if other
than `regular'.

                    | >1 day attendance | one-day attendance
    regular | 350.00 / 190.00 | 164.00 / 90.00
    member | 230.00 / 125.00 | 120.00 / 65.00
    student | 110.00 / 60.00 | 75.00 / 40.00

Fee: ___________ Justification: ____________________________

* Hotel reservation

Please mark the desired accomodation (see `Lodging' section above):

    [ ] hotel on the campus:

                  [ ] ICSC Drienerburg
                  [ ] Logica -- I wish to share the room with: _____________________

    [ ] hotel in Enschede:

                  [ ] Dish
                  [ ] Memphis: [ ] single [ ] double
                  [ ] Park: [ ] single without shower [ ] single [ ] double

          arrival date: __________ departure date: __________

          no. of accompanying persons: ___

    [ ] no reservation requested

* Mode of payment

Please mark one of the following:

  [ ] VISA, [ ] EC/MC, [ ] AmEx, [ ] bank transfer, [ ] cheque, [ ] money order

Credit card information (if applicable):

    name on card: ____________________
    card number: ____________________
    expiration date: _________________

    signature: _______________________

                                                                                    Signature: _________________________

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