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Mon, 24 May 1993 20:08:37 GMT

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Date: Mon, 24 May 1993 20:08:37 GMT

                  Here's is the README file that has all the info in regards to what
files you'll need. The FTP address again is in directory
uiuc/kamin.distr. The README files contains all the info that you'll need:


The directory distr contains the code associated with the book
"Programming Languages: An Interpreter-based Approach," by Sam Kamin.
Please report problems to:

Sam Kamin
                Computer Science Dept. (217) 333-8069
                1304 W. Springfield
                Urbana, IL 61801

The basic directory, containing the Pascal sources and code
appearing in the book, is all in the directory distr; the file
distr.tar.Z contains this entire directory in compressed tar format.

The remaining files and directories are various hacks that have
been accumulated over the last couple of years. They are:

C-distr: Same stuff as in distr, except: The code is in C rather
    than Pascal, and not all the interpreters are there; specifically,
    the code for chapter 10 hasn't been translated to C (these are
    various garbage-collecting versions of Lisp).
C-distr.tar.Z: Compressed, tar file of C-distr.
amiga.lzh: Amiga executables, in "lzh" format. (Thanks to Mike
    Meyer of DEC ( C sources for interpreters in chapters 1-8; these are
    interpreters only, so you should get the other code from the distr
    or C-distr directories. These are some improvements over what's
    in C-distr, but I can't say exactly what. Some more explanation
    in eric-note. Executables for PC's, compiled using Microsoft C. Executables for PC's, compiled using Turbo C.
eric-note: Note from Eric Wang concerning,, and

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