g++/libg++ on Solaris 2.0

hpage@access.digex.net (Howard W Page)
Thu, 6 May 1993 01:27:26 GMT

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g++/libg++ on Solaris 2.0 hpage@access.digex.net (1993-05-06)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: hpage@access.digex.net (Howard W Page)
Summary: Trying to install g++ and libg++ on Solaris 2.0
Keywords: sparc, C++, comment
Organization: AIB Software, Inc.
Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 01:27:26 GMT

I have gcc and g++ installed on my machine and now I'm trying (as yet
unsuccessfully) to install libg++ on my Sparc ELC running Solaris 2.0. I
configured libg++ with sparc-sun-sysv4. The make fails during the compile
part of the libg++ sourc, complaining that vhangup is multiply defined in
/usr/include/unistd.h and ../g++-include/unistd.h. I've tried adding a
-D_POSIX_SOURCE flag which fixes that problem but then the compile fails
when a parameter NCC is not defined. (Of course, it isn't defined because
the POSIX_SOURCE flag has been set!). Any suggestions how I can correctly
build libg++?

Thanks in advance,

[I haven't had much luck building libg++ on ISC 3.0 either, though the
compiler itself seems to be OK. -John]

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