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Thu, 18 Mar 1993 11:12:57 GMT

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Tech. report (1993-03-18)
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From: (Erkki M{kinen)
Keywords: FTP, report, OOP
Organization: University of Tampere, Finland
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1993 11:12:57 GMT

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TITLE = Language implementation model in TaLE

NUMBER = A-1993-1, February 1993
AUTHORS = Esa Jarnvall and Kai Koskimies

ABSTRACT = TaLE (Tampere Language Editor) is a specialized program editor
for developing implementations of textual languages. The system assumes an
object-oriented programming language (currently Eiffel), and supports the
development of language implementations following a particular model. The
basic object-oriented language implementation model, including integrated
methods for lexical analysis, syntactic analysis, name analysis, error
recovery, and the construction of an internal (object) representation is
discussed. A central requirement implied by the incremental character of
the system is that the information concerning the language is distributed
among the classes representing structural units of the language (like
nonterminals), so that changes in the definition of a particular unit have
minimal effects on the classes representing other units. A general method
for solving LL(1) parsing conflicts using semantic information is included
in the model.

Paper copies are available upon request from

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