UVC announces new compiler videolectures

lemon@hera.Berkeley.EDU (Judith Lemon)
Tue, 16 Mar 1993 20:24:45 GMT

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UVC announces new compiler videolectures lemon@hera.Berkeley.EDU (1993-03-16)
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From: lemon@hera.Berkeley.EDU (Judith Lemon)
Keywords: courses, comment
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1993 20:24:45 GMT

University Video Communications produces and distributes 50-minute
video lectures by people who originate/develop today's important
computer technologies.

Industry sponsorship allows us to offer them at modest prices. 850
universities around the world use UVC tapes to update curriculum and
faculty. Tapes are usually at the upper-division/graduate level.

Here are some titles which might be of interest:

NEW FOR 1993
Joseph Fisher HP "Instruction-Level Parallelism"

Carver Mead & Gordon Bell on innovation

Fran Allen IBM "Optimizing Compilers for
                                                        Parallel Computers"

Will Clinger Tektronix "Compiler Optimization for
                                                        Symbolic Languages"

Abstracts of these and 56 other presentations available by e-mail.
Please let me know whether you want the entire catalog (60 abstracts)
or only abstracts on certain titles or subjects.

Available Subjects:

      innovation programming
      distributed computing compilers
      computer architecture windows & user interfaces
      graphics architecture theoretical computer science
      design automation communications & networking

Dr. J.L. Lemon Phone: (415) 813-0506
President Fax: (415) 813-0315
University Video Communications E-mail: lemon@hera.berkeley.edu
[I have a copy of Fisher's tape. It's pretty good. Nothing fancy, just
Josh and some slides, but it's clear and informative. -John]

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