textbook or paper suggestions for course?

Alex Glockner <glockner@cosc.bsu.umd.edu>
Mon, 8 Mar 1993 17:16:49 GMT

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From: Alex Glockner <glockner@cosc.bsu.umd.edu>
Keywords: courses, question
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 17:16:49 GMT

    I've been asked to teach the following grad course:

COSC 661 Compiler Design and Construction II 3 credit hours

Continuation of COSC 561 (your run-of-the-mill one-semester
      undergrad compiler course; our students have non-CS backgrounds)

Advanced topics in compiler design and construction.
Automated compiler tools and compiler compilers.
Advanced code optimization techniques.
Role of compilers in natural language processing.

The problem is...
my compiler skills are rudimentary (I've written a simple
compiler with a shift-reduce parser and no optimization, that's it)
and I have little or no idea on what truly is appropriate material for
this course. (The person who wrote the above course description is
long-gone; no help there.)

I could just teach "the rest of the the textbook"
        -- Fischer/LeBlanc in this case --
and give them a project using lex/yacc
        -- I made them hand-code the project in the 561 course --
but what else should I be giving these students?

The last topic has been addressed in the recent comp.compilers thread
"Natural Language Parser Wanted"; anything else come to mind?

thanks -- Alex

Alexander Glockner
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science
Bowie State University

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