64 bit integers ?

larsn@autodesk.com (Lars Nyman)
Thu, 4 Mar 1993 20:23:03 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: larsn@autodesk.com (Lars Nyman)
Keywords: architecture
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1993 20:23:03 GMT

I am interested in finding out some information how C compilers on 64-bit
architectures (MIPS, DEC Alpha, Sparc, PowerPC, ...) represent ANSI C
integer types.

- How many bits is an 'int' ?
- How many bits is a 'long' ?
- Is there a 64 bit integer type ?
- If there is a 64 bit integer type:
    - What's the name of it ('long', 'long long', ...) ?
    - Are operations on this 64 bit integer type slower, comparable or
        faster than operations on 32 bit integers ? (Arithmetic operations,
        and passing as arguments to, and returning values, from functions.)

(We are trying to figure out, in order to write portable and efficient
code, what integer type to use, in particular if we know we need at least
32 bits to represent the values. 'long' may (?) turn out to be an
inefficient choice on future architectures, and maybe better would be to
use a typedef (to 'long' on most architectures today, but to 'int' on a
future one.)

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