Re: MIL-STD-1750B C-compiler (Mike Ryer)
Thu, 4 Mar 1993 18:09:46 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
From: (Mike Ryer)
Keywords: GCC, question
Organization: Intermetrics, Inc.
References: 93-03-007
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1993 18:09:46 GMT

I've never heard of a completed C compiler for the 1750, you may have to
use Ada. (there are several compilers, commercial and government).

You might possibly like Ada. The 1750A implementations are pretty good
for realtime use.

Retargetting gnu C wouldn't be too hard, but:

      1750's have a segmented memory scheme, with 16-bit physical addresses
      and mapping (via "Protected Mode" - supervisor state). You can put a
      lot of work into generating good code for such a beast. Unless your
      application fits in 64k code + 64k data, you'll have to deal with
      pointers that are bigger than the wordsize in C.

      You'll also have to do real work to provide your C programs with their
      data areas.

      You'll want I/O and other libraries to deal with 1553 or other busses,
      etc. They may not be available in C.

Did you say spacecraft? The kind that needs maintenance patches uplinked
for years into the future? If so, consider maintenance of the 1750 BE.

Good luck either way

-- Mike Ryer

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