Eli Compiler Construction System, Release 3.4.2

kadhim@riker.cs.colorado.edu (Basim Kadhim)
Fri, 29 Jan 1993 00:18:20 GMT

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Eli Compiler Construction System, Release 3.4.2 kadhim@riker.cs.colorado.edu (1993-01-29)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: kadhim@riker.cs.colorado.edu (Basim Kadhim)
Keywords: tools, available, FTP
Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1993 00:18:20 GMT

Version 3.4.2 of the Eli compiler construction system is now available
either on magnetic tape or via anonymous ftp. Complete system
documentation is also available in PostScript or printed form. This
release has been tested on the following machine/os combinations (reported
by "uname"):

      Sun3: SunOS Release 4.1 Version 1
      Sun4: SunOS Release 4.1.2 Version 2
      IBM RS/6000 running AIX Version 3, Release 1
      DECstation: ULTRIX Release 4.2 Version 0
      HP 9000/350: HP-UX Release B.08.00 Version B
      HP 9000/750: HP-UX Version E, Release A.08.07

Eli integrates off-the-shelf tools and libraries with specialized language
processors to generate complete compilers quickly and reliably. It
simplifies the development of new special-purpose languages,
implementation of existing languages on new hardware and extension of the
constructs and features of existing languages. A paper outlining an early
version of the system appears in the February, 1992 issue of
"Communications of the ACM" (pages 121-131).

Version 3.4.2 integrates a tool, FunnelWeb, which supports a literate
programming paradigm for arbitrary specification languages. Eli uses
FunnelWeb to provide a powerful mechanism for combining related
specifications and documentation. 3.4.2 also includes an improved library
facility that allows users to instantiate sets of predefined
specifications for common tasks. For example, one line can be used to
obtain a complete specification for associating identifier uses with their
definitions in a set of nested scopes.

A mailing list devoted to discussions about Eli, announcements of bug
fixes, new features and releases and so on has been created. If you would
like to be added to the eli mailing list, send mail saying so to:


To send mail to everyone on the list, send to:


All mail of general interest to the Eli community should be sent to the
"eli" address.

To obtain a copy of Eli over the network, use ftp to access the following
site. Log on as "anonymous", and give your net address when a password is
requested. Then change to the indicated directory and transfer the files
you desire (remember that compressed files, whose names end in ".Z", must
be transferred in binary mode):

      ftp.cs.colorado.edu, directory /pub/cs/distribs/eli

To order a magnetic tape or printed documentation, or to obtain additional
information about Eli, contact either:

      Software Engineering Group
      Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      University of Colorado
      Boulder, CO 80309-0425



      Prof. Dr. U. Kastens
      Universtaet Paderborn, FB17
      Warburgerstr. 100
      D-4790 Paderborn


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