Help ! lex and yacc POSIX extensions (Amin Kassem)
Mon, 18 Jan 1993 20:55:42 GMT

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Help ! lex and yacc POSIX extensions (1993-01-18)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.unix.programmer
From: (Amin Kassem)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1993 20:55:42 GMT
Keywords: yacc, lex, testing, comment

In an effort to test our implementation of lex and yacc without having a
biased test, we are soliciting the net and the netters for tests. If you
have a good test case that you think will exercise (or break :-)) the
following features we would like to hear from you. Our objective is to
run small yet good tests to verify the implementation of these

  Lex :- 1) Exclusive start conditions (%x).
                  2) %array vs. %pointer.
                  3) collating symbols and collation related bracket symbols in EREs.

  Yacc :- 1) -b option.
                  2) -p option.

  What other important functionalities (POSIX extensions) do you think should
  also be tested?

Our knowledge of lex and yacc is VERY limited. Any helpful hints that
would help us ensure a good test strategy would be greatly appreciated.

Private e-mail is preferred.

Thank you much.

Amin Kassem - Unisys Corporation
System Software & Interface - R&D
[I have seen no widely available implementation of lex yet that has all
the Posix extensions. Flex has %x, which is the most useful of the
extensions (to English speakers, at least) so there's lots of code with
%x. The new options to yacc merely change the file names and symbols used
in the generated parser, which I think would be pretty easy to test. I
shamelessly recommend Levine (that's me), Mason, and Brown, "lex&yacc",
published by O'Reilly which is the most complete book on the topic that I
know of. -John]

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