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Thu, 14 Jan 1993 03:32:07 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1993 03:32:07 GMT
References: 93-01-046 93-01-073
Keywords: optimize, GCC

| Concerning my request for a PD scheduling environment, I found a pointer
| to a scheduler that was written for GCC. I have in my hands a paper
| written by Micheal D. Tiemann, describing his implementation of a
| scheduler for GCC, but neither an email address nor any references to ftp
| sites or the like. Could anyone help me out ?

Note, that GNU software is not PD (public domain), but rather freely
available software, covered under the GNU public license (GPL).

Michael Tiemann's email address is (he is one of the
three founders of cygnus).

The scheduler in the paper was written in the GCC 1.xx time frame (I was
at Data General at the time when I saw it, which would be early or mid
1989 time frame). I think the current released GCC revision was 1.37, and
work was just starting on GCC 2.xx. The scheduler in the paper was a
prototype, but eventually became sched.c in the current GCC 2.xx beta
releases (2.3.3 is the current revision). It isn't that hard to add the
support to the machine dependent .md file -- I think I added the basic
MIPS support in about a day or two. You need to add some states that
classify insns, go through and add the classification information to all
of the insns, add define_splits to break up insns which are really
multiple instructions. In the current development sources (2.3.3+), the
following machines have scheduling support enabled:

a29k alpha i960 m88k mips
pa romp rs6000 sparc

Obviously, as with any software, more can be done.
Michael Meissner email: phone: 617-621-8861
Open Software Foundation, 11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA, 02142

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