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thutt <thutt@MAIL.CASI.NASA.GOV>
Tue, 12 Jan 1993 12:45:49 GMT

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From: thutt <thutt@MAIL.CASI.NASA.GOV>
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993 12:45:49 GMT
Keywords: books, interpreter
References: 93-01-044

If the book, "Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters" in paperback
form from Wiley is the one that implements a Pascal compiler and Pascal
interpreter for the 8086 chip, it is truly so full of errors in the actual
code (generated code as well as the compiler itself) as to make it almost

The practical approach that is taken really leaves a lot out
(explanation), and the descriptions of the code do not correspond very
well to the published source.

The very best 'practical' book on operating systems and compilers that I
have seen is 'Project Oberon: The design of a compiler and operating
system' by Wirth & Gutknecht (ISBN 0-201-54428-8). This contains the
(nearly) complete implementation of the Oberon operating system, and the
complete implmentation of a production compiler. The source is available
for ftp from neptune.ethz.ch. Recommended reading.

(If I have confused the above book, then I apologize. I am sorry I bought
the book I did, whatever it is.)


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