GNU CC port to the Motorola 88000
Fri, 27 Nov 1992 02:29:01 GMT

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Organization: University of Limerick, Ireland
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1992 02:29:01 GMT
Keywords: GCC, question, comment

Just how *good* is the code generator/optimiser in GCC?

I'm doing a 1 year Master's course in the University of Limerick, Ireland,
and my project is to port GCC to the Motorola 88100 RISC processor.
However, I now see that it has already been done, and from what I can
gather by reading the documentation, it has been done quite well.

My questions are then:

Can I (not knowing very much about compilers now) reasonably expect to
improve on what's there already within the 9 months before I finish this

Where can I find more detailed documentation on the port to the m88k? (
And how much will it cost for that documentation? )

How much rewriting/fine-tuning of the whole compiler (not just the code-
generator/optimiser) would be necessary?

Any help or information would be much appreciated.
Niall Creedon.
[Didn't Michael Meissner do that port? Perhaps he can comment. -John]

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