byacc help needed

thewalt@ce.Berkeley.EDU (C. Thewalt)
Sun, 22 Nov 1992 17:43:03 GMT

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byacc help needed thewalt@ce.Berkeley.EDU (1992-11-22)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: thewalt@ce.Berkeley.EDU (C. Thewalt)
Organization: Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1992 17:43:03 GMT
Keywords: yacc, errors, question, comment

I tried to reach the author of byacc ( but that
account is dead, so I'd appreciate the help of any yacc experts out there,
byacc in particular.

It appears that the parse state in is controlled by a few scalar
variables. If this is the case, it would seem possible to squirrel away
copies and do a setjmp whenever we are in an acceptable state, and when
syntax errors occur do a longjmp back to the saved state and reset the

I'd really like to do this on a line by line basis, and in the event of a
syntax error on a line eat input to the newline and then reset at the
state of the previous line.

Is this feasible?

Christopher Robin Thewalt (
Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
[It might be possible, but I'd think it'd be a lot easier to use the yacc
``error'' token. Corbett's address as of July is Robert.Corbett@Eng.Sun.COM
but he no longer actively supports byacc. -John]

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