New lex & yacc book from O'Reilly

John R. Levine <>
Sun, 15 Nov 1992 06:11:34 GMT

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New lex & yacc book from O'Reilly (John R. Levine) (1992-11-15)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: John R. Levine <>
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1992 06:11:34 GMT
Keywords: lex, yacc, books, tools

I'm pleased to report that the new version of the O'Reilly ``lex & yacc''
is now available:

Levine, Mason, and Brown, ``lex & yacc,'' 2nd edition, O'Reilly &
Associates, 1992, 366 pp., ISBN 1-56592-000-7, $29.95.

I think it's a big improvement, but since I wrote a lot of it, my opinion
is hardly unbiased. Changes include:

-- Rewritten introductory chapters, with more detailed examples
-- New example chapter with a SQL parser
-- Greatly expanded reference sections, with details on grotty things like
      how to munge symbols in generated lexers with sed so you can include
      several of them in the same program.
-- Expanded section on ambigity, conflicts, and error handling
-- Exercises at the ends of the chapters for self-study and textbook use
-- All the examples actually work

It should be available at technical bookstores. Outside North America,
Addison-Wesley distributes it.

John Levine,, {spdcc|ima|world}!iecc!johnl

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