Problem with byacc/flex/bcc 2.0 (Robin Winslett)
Wed, 14 Oct 1992 18:50:56 GMT

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Problem with byacc/flex/bcc 2.0 (1992-10-14)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.os.msdos.programmer
From: (Robin Winslett)
Organization: Dept. of Computer Science, MSU, Bozeman Mt 59717
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1992 18:50:56 GMT
Keywords: lex, MSDOS

I am in the process of porting a yacc/lex language spec to a PC using
byacc/flex and compiling with Borland C++ version 2.0. I've gone in and
redefined YY_INPUT, set up yyin and I have yylex performing okay in all
but the following:

If I try to compile using the large or huge memory
model, yylex hangs. The reason I know that it's
yylex is that I have it in a loop and I print both
before and after the yylex call. It doesn't hang
in the same spot every time, and it will scan for
awhile but then it just quits.

Any help that I could get would be appreciated.
Robin Winslett (406) 994-5959

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