The ModulaTor news letter is now accessable via anonymous ftp (Terry J. Klarich)
Tue, 13 Oct 1992 21:50:26 GMT

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The ModulaTor news letter is now accessable via anonymous ftp (1992-10-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.modula2,comp.compilers
From: (Terry J. Klarich)
Organization: Oklahoma State University Computer Center
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1992 21:50:26 GMT
Keywords: modula

The ModulaTor news letter can now be obtained via anonymous ftp from ( Files are in the ModulaTor directory.
THese files will have the form MDLT#.abstract and The #
represents the issue number. Files ending in .abstract contain a short
list of the articles in each issue. The files ending in .ps.Z are
compressed postscript files. A file named index will contain all the
abstracts of any available issues.

Past issues will be kept on disk as long as disk space permits. If it
becomes necessary to remove an issue, I will make it available via email
or other means.

Any questions, comments, problems or suggestions concerning ftp access to
the ModulaTor news letter should be emailed to

Thanks to Guinter Dotzel for making this possible. And, Here is the
README file he sent me. This can be obtained as ModulaTor/README as well.

Terry Klarich

                                                                "The ModulaTor"
                (-: Erlangen's First Independent Modula-2 & Oberon-2 Journal :-)

          IMPRESSUM: The ModulaTor is published monthly. Annual subscription
rate: no charge for ModulaWare's Modula-2 Licensees with annual software

          Hardcopy: all others DM 60.-for Europe and US$ 40.-elsewhere,
including postage and handling charges. Airmail delivery on request. To
subscribe for 12 months, transfer DM 60.- to our bank account Nr.
111539-854 at Postgiroamt Nuernberg (BLZ 760 10085). Electronic version:
ShareWare (send US$ 18.-or equivalent in [foreign] stamps for 12 issues to
ModulaWare). The files are uploaded also into CompuServe's CodePort forum,
lib 2,3,11 (Modula-2, Oberon and ISO Modula-2) in compressed PostScript
format (about 40 KB) by the Editor. Back-issues are available on request.

          The ModulaTor is an unrefereed journal. Technical papers are to be
taken as working papers and personal rather than organizational
statements. Items are printed at the discretion of the Editor based upon
his judgement on the interest and relevancy to the readership. Letters,
announcements, and other items of professional interest are selected on
the same basis. Guidelines for submission of manuscript and correspondence
concerning advertisements should be send to the office of publication: The
ModulaTor, c/o ModulaWare GmbH, Wilhelmstr. 17A, W-8520 Erlangen,
F.R.Germany. The Editor of The ModulaTor is Guenter Dotzel; he can be
reached at the same address, by phone: +49 (9131) 208 395, fax: +49 (9131)
28205 or via E-Mail/Internet: or
Terry Klarich (ki5zw)
Oklahoma State University Computer Center
Stillwater Oklahoma

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