Instruction scheduling using genetic algo. references (M. van Harsel)
Tue, 13 Oct 1992 15:12:16 GMT

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Instruction scheduling using genetic algo. references (1992-10-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (M. van Harsel)
Organization: Delft University of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1992 15:12:16 GMT
Keywords: optimize, bibliography

Dear readers, hello again,

A few days ago I asked for references on instruction scheduling using
genetic algorithms. I was asked to summarize and send the reactions.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed with tips and references.

I received the following literature list:

S.J. Beaty. A Study of Instruction Scheduling Using Genetic
PhD thesis Mechanical Engineering Department, Colorado
State University Colorado 1991

Steven Beaty, Genetic Algorithms and Instruction Scheduling
24th Ann. Intl. Symp. on Microarchitecture
Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 1991, pp. 206-211.

Steven Beaty and Gearold Johnson and Darrell Whitley
Motivation and Framework for Using Genetic Algorithms
for Microcode Compaction,
Proceedings of the 23th Microprogramming Workshop (MICRO-23)
Orlando 1990

Beaty, S.J. Genetic Algorithms for Instruction
Sequencing and Scheduling
Proceedings from the Workshop on Computer Architecture Technology
and Formalism for Computer Science Research and Applications
Istituto per le Ricerche sui Sistemi Informatici Paralleli via
P. Castellino 111, 80125 Napoli (Italy) 1992
Marco van Harsel
A. Pauwstr 18
2613 DA Delft
The Netherlands
telephone : 015-131788 (countrynum = 31)
e-mail :

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