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"Cheryl Lins" <>
Mon, 12 Oct 1992 21:42:01 GMT

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From: "Cheryl Lins" <>
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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1992 21:42:01 GMT
Keywords: parallel, optimize, bibliography
References: 92-10-038 (M. van Harsel) writes:
>I am desperately seeking references and implementations on
>instruction scheduling using genetic algorithms.

As far as i know, you're delving into uncharted waters. So, assuming
you're a researcher, this should keep you busy for some time! :-)

Most scheduling problems using GAs have involved such things as production
and job shop schedules. I've never seen a paper on the use of GAs for the
instruction scheduling problem. (Doesn't mean one doesn't exist). Here are
some references to related problems which might help:

    Title: Genetic algorithms and job shop scheduling.
    Author: Biegel, John E.; Davern, James J.
    Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference on Computers Industrial
    Source: Computers & Industrial Engineering v 19 n 1-4 1990. p 81-91
    Publication Year: 1990

    Title: School bus routing using genetic algorithms.
    Author: Thangiah, Sam R.; Nygard, Kendall E.
    Conference Title: Applications of Artificial Intelligence X:
Knowledge-Based Systems
    Source: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical
Engineering v 1707. Publ by Int Soc for Optical Engineering, Bellingham,
WA, USA. p 387-398
    Publication Year: 1992

    Title: Efficient multiprocessor scheduling based on genetic algorithms.
    Author: Hou, E. S. H.; Hong, R.; Ansari, N.
    Conference Title: 16th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics
Society - IECON'90
    Source: Power Electronics Emerging Technologies IECON Proceedings
(Industrial Electronics Conference) v 2. Publ by IEEE, Computer Society,
Los Alamitos, CA, USA (IEEE cat n 90CH2841-5). p 1239-1243
    Publication Year: 1990

    Title: A genetic algorithm for job shop.
    Author: Falkenauer, E.; Bouffouix, S.
    Conference Title: Proceedings of the 1991 IEEE International Conference
on Robotics and Automation
    Source: Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and
Automation v 1. Publ by IEEE, IEEE Service Center, Piscataway, NJ, USA
(IEEE cat n 91CH2969-4). p 824-829
    Publication Year: 1991

I also highly recommend Lawarence Davis' book "Handbook of Genetic
Algorithms". It has an excellent and very readable tutorial as well as
numerous papers on applications of GAs.

Cheryl Lins, Oberon-2 Paladin.

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