Re: Problems with gmd compiler tool 'rex' (Willem Jan Withagen)
Wed, 7 Oct 1992 23:50:59 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Willem Jan Withagen)
Organization: Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1992 23:50:59 GMT
Keywords: tools
References: 92-10-012

=>Are there known problems with the latest version of rex in the gmd compiler
=>toolkit ('cocktail')?
=>Building and installing the toolkit went smoothly, but doing 'make test'
=>fails after rex spews out a lot of error/warning messages.

You get a list with characters which trigger the default action when
encountered in the #STD# state. This can of course be errors in the input
you source when you are running in scanner.

The other items are mostely information items.

I'm just back from CC '92, a compiler workshop in Paderborn Germany.
Where I met Josef Grosch, ( I also met many other nice people [Hi Deborah
8-)]) and I think that very soon a Cocktail mailing-list will be started.
(We certainly had a large number of downloads for the DOS/OS-2 version)

The main puroses for this will be:
    - Create a group of people trying to use the same set of tools and learn
from others' experiences.
    - Let Josef see some concrete feedback on his tools.
    - To keep up the high standards in comp.compilers.

In a week and half I'll be off on vacation for 4 weeks, and Josef was
going to consider my proposal and run the server in Karlsruhe. So by the
time I'm back I hope we can talk on the cocktail mailing list.

Willem Jan Withagen.
Digital Information Systems Group, Room EH 10.35
Eindhoven University of Technology
P.O. 513 Tel: +31-40-473401,Fax: +31-40-448375
5600 MB Eindhoven The Netherlands
X400: C=nl;ADMD=400net;PRMD=surf;O=tue;OU=ele;OU=eb;S=WJW;

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