Classic computer books?

John R. Levine <>
Sun, 4 Oct 1992 05:28:27 GMT

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Classic computer books? (John R. Levine) (1992-10-04)
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From: John R. Levine <>
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1992 05:28:27 GMT
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Keywords: books, question

A friend and I were trying to come up with a list of classic computer
books that we wish we could get but aren't in print any more. My list so
far has:

Wulf et al., "Design of an Optimizing Compiler"
Bell et al., "Computer Engineering: a DEC View"
Organick, "The Multics System"

and I suppose, the Lions source code book. What else would people
suggest? Send me mail and I'll summarize.

John Levine,, {spdcc|ima|world}!iecc!johnl


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