Another port of the GMD cocktail to MS-DOS

Josef Grosch <>
Thu, 1 Oct 1992 16:48:01 GMT

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Another port of the GMD cocktail to MS-DOS (Josef Grosch) (1992-10-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Josef Grosch <>
Organization: GMD Forschungsstelle Karlsruhe
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1992 16:48:01 GMT
Keywords: tools, MSDOS, FTP, 386

Another port of the GMD Toolbox for Compiler Construction - also known as
Cocktail (Compiler-Compiler-Toolbox Karlsruhe) - to PCs under MS-DOS is
now available via anonymous ftp.

Thanks to Willem Jan Withagen who made available his port a week ago.

We used DJ Delorie's port of GCC to MS-DOS. His DOS extender (called go32)
is required to run the programs. We made more or less similar changes to
the sources as Willem Jan, therefore the sources should compile and run on
OS/2 as well, although we did not check this. The processor must be
a 386 or up.

File server for the MS-DOS version: =

/pub/cocktail/dos source directory
/pub/cocktail/dos/ binaries
/pub/cocktail/dos/ batch scripts for binaries
/pub/cocktail/ documentation in troff format
/pub/cocktail/ documentation in postscript format
/pub/cocktail/doc.doc.tar.Z documentation in ascii format

File servers for the UNIX version:

host number directory /pub/cocktail /gmd/cocktail /pub/programming/cocktail /soft/unix/programming/compilerbau
/pub/programming/languages/compiler-compiler/cocktail /pub/src/cocktail /languages/tools/gmd /.3/plan/gmd

          Josef Grosch
          GMD Forschungsstelle an der Universitaet Karlsruhe
          Vincenz-Priesznitz-Str. 1
          D-7500 Karlsruhe

          Tel: +721-6622-26
          Fax: +721-6622-968

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