C/Fortran compilers for i860?

mk@first.gmd.de (Matthias Kessler)
Mon, 21 Sep 1992 15:21:34 GMT

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C/Fortran compilers for i860? mk@first.gmd.de (1992-09-21)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: mk@first.gmd.de (Matthias Kessler)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1992 15:21:34 GMT
Keywords: C, Fortran, GCC, question


We are using the GNU C-Compiler as a back end for the i860. So far we
were pleased with the performance we get out of this tool. But now we are
looking for highly optimizing compilers which take full advantage of the
i860 pipelines and dual instruction/operation modes with respect to the
cache. I remember that some companies like the now defunct Compass were
sure to built such a compiler but haven't heard of a working version.

We have the Metaware High C Compiler which does a little bit of
instruction scheduling and delay slot filling. What we want to know is,
are there any compilers which really use the independent functional units?
Since we have mainly numerical applications, we need a compiler that does
a lot of floating point related optimizations.

We're also looking for Fortran compilers. We know of Pacific Sierra's
VAST, which transforms Fortran programs at the source level and inserts
calls into a vector library. Are there any other optimizing Fortran
compilers for the i860?

Any pointers, performance data (Mflops) or related infos on C or Fortran
compilers are appreciated. If I get some responses, I'll promise to post a

Thank you for your help!

Matthias <mk@first.gmd.de>

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