Availability of Backtracking Yacc paper

Gary Merrill <sasghm@unx.sas.com>
Tue, 15 Sep 1992 19:11:11 GMT

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Availability of Backtracking Yacc paper sasghm@unx.sas.com (Gary Merrill) (1992-09-15)
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From: Gary Merrill <sasghm@unx.sas.com>
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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1992 19:11:11 GMT
Keywords: yacc, parse, C++, FTP

In response to a number of requests, copies of my paper "Parsing Non-LR(k)
Grammars With YACC" are available via anonymous ftp from the machine

The two versions

ambig.ps // a postscript file -- about 240K

ambig.txt // a vanilla ASCII file -- about 70K

are in the /pub directory on that machine.

If you cannot get the paper in this manner, send me e-mail and I will send
you a compressed version of the paper (please specify ASCII or PS).

Gary H. Merrill [Principal Systems Developer, C Compiler Development]
SAS Institute Inc. / SAS Campus Dr. / Cary, NC 27513 / (919) 677-8000
sasghm@theseus.unx.sas.com ... !mcnc!sas!sasghm

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