Any papers/articles on extracting parallelism?. (Saripalli Ramakrishna)
Fri, 4 Sep 1992 17:48:08 GMT

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Any papers/articles on extracting parallelism?. (1992-09-04)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Saripalli Ramakrishna)
Organization: Clemson University Computer Science Dept.
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1992 17:48:08 GMT
Keywords: parallel, optimize, question, comment

I am taking a course on compilers this semester which includes a project.
I am interested in the kind of compiler projects where you extract the
maximum parallelism from a sequential code.

Can someone e-mail me as to whether there are any ftp sources for such
technical papers?. I am also interested in knowing if there are any books
on these topics (apart from the ubiquitous dragon book)?.

Also, other suitable articles would be those on data-flow analysis,
control-flow analysis etc?.

Any pointers would be appreciated and I can summarize.

Thanks a lot,
Saripalli Ramakrishna

e-mail :
[There are several bibliographies in the compilers archive which may have
relevant citations. See the FAQ for details. -John]

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